Things women help men with

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What do women help men with, that we men should appreciate?

We do your family correspondence, usually.

Family celebrations are frequently our purview.

We are peacemakers, usually trying to calm situations that could inflame anger, etc.

We decorate the house and bring color and beauty to your surroundings.

We force you to at least deal with OUR emotions, if not recognize that you have some, too.

We are frequently the prods to become more active in the parish.

We are your partners in life.

and…Last but not least…

We bear, birth and nurse your children.

We do all kinds of hidden chores that never get seen, but would be noticed if they were NOT done.

We cook and do dishes on Sundays so that the rest of the family still has their day of rest while we rarely get one. Same with holidays: we cook the big Christmas dinner, the big Easter dinner, buy and wrap most of the gifts, while the rest of the family enjoys their holiday.

There are no definite hours to our jobs; we are the go-to person for kids who are sick or have bad dreams, and if we work outside the home we are likely to be the ones to stay home if there is a sick child. We clean up the vomit, change more diapers, bandage more cuts. If we have a career, it is generally the one that is the first to go if family needs require it. Or we take dull, underpaid part-time jobs that are an insult to our intelligence and skills, to help the family finances. A lot of Moms end up working at McDonalds or convenience stores or cleaning offices because they abandoned their careers to have children, then the family needed more money; or because they are caring for kids all day and must go off at night to work, already exhausted.

We do the school fundraisers, the craft fairs, the bake sales, the carpooling. We cook for the potlucks so the men can enjoy them. When company comes, we cook it, we serve it, we decorate for it, so you can sit at the table and enjoy it.

If we are at-home Moms, we may also be homeschooling our kids, which means we do TWO unpaid jobs simultaneously. Vacations are usually “on the job.” We usually do the homework help.

(It’s not that men do none of these things; but we do them far more often.)

We bear children and have to watch our bodies change in order to give life to, and nurture, other living beings. Then we worry about whether we are still attractive to our husbands in nursing clothes, clothes with spit-up, new bulges that come from giving birth, no time or freedom to fix our hair or put on make-up, sleep deprivation, self-immolation. Our sacrifices multiply and our lives change radically with each new child, the demands upon us increase, while the husband goes to the same job each day and for those 8 hours his life is pretty much as it’s always been.

Those are a few just off the top of my head.


Cleaning the toilet.

what they said (above)…

seriously…right now i’m helping my DH prepare and practice interview questions for a new job.

  • i take the kids to school EVERY day and still manage to punch the clock on time. sounds not too bad…except we live 20 miles from school, i have to pack an infant and a 3rd grader every morning, 4 lunches, make breakfast, get them there, drop off, sign baby into daycare, fill out ‘today’s plan’ sheet for him, and generally drive way passed the speed limit to get to work, another 20 miles in the other direction from school. by the time i get to work, i’ve been awake 3 hrs and on the road 60 minutes. oh…and then i do it all in reverse because i pick them up EVERY day…

i know, whahhhhh~! they’re all worth it, hubs and kids both!!

Wow, don’t sound so bitter. Maybe you shouldn’t have decided to get married and have kids if it is really as miserable as you make it sound.

I didn’t read anything bitter in that post.


That was actually an honest statement of what wives and moms actually DO, 28562. Defensive much?

:rotfl: Love this.

If it weren’t for a female influence, too many men would bathe once a month whether they needed it or not.

Don’t believe me, ride with a trucker for a week. I did last summer and I am here to testify that the many, many of drivers we encountered at hubs and truck stops could really have done with a scrub down with soap and warm water, not to mention a change of socks. :sad_yes:


Sure, it doesn’t sound bitter at all.:rolleyes:

Yeah, there is no chip on her shoulder. You’re right. As a matter of fact, it sounds like she thinks men are really great beings who do a lot to contribute to families and society and she certainly harbors no resent for them. [/sarcasm]

You forgot how women teach men how hard they make getting a date with them is.

Dude, you are picking the wrong thread to pick a fight with the ladies. This thread is supposed to be about appreciating women. Back out now while you still can :slight_smile:



I do not disagree with you…

BUT…what good are all the good deeds in the world if they are done out of ‘obligation’ with undertones of resentment rather than out of love for another person?

Methinks you don’t like hearing reality :rolleyes:

It’s a BIG sacrifice and the majority of the time, goes unnoticed and unappreciated…especially by the media and Hollywood. Commenting that she should’ve thought of those things before getting married and having kids is very inappropriate and rude. She’s just telling it like it is for most wives and moms.

Because it’s nice to be appreciated once in a while…which is what the thread was about!! I think the post you are referring to was simply letting others (men…) know all that their wives do for them and their family. It may come as a surprise to you, but not all men are aware of the sacrifice women make as wives and mothers (check out some of the closed threads here on CAF if you don’t believe me on that one!! :wink:

If my wife does all the things she does for our family with a crummy attitude like I (perhaps mistakenly) perceived from that post, then I would rather her do nothing at all for us.

You know, now that I re-read that post…I see what you mean.

I could have written it a while ago which is probably why I didn’t recognize the bitter quality. I don’t feel that way any more, because I am not a victim.

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