Things you wish had been told you

What are some essentials for Catholic Christian living you eventually discovered but wish you had been made aware of much sooner in your faith walk?
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The reality of God. I think - I hope - that if I had heard someone speak of God in a way worthy of Him, as if He really, actually, at this moment IS, I might have heard it. I might have believed it. I might have come to life much, much sooner…

That masturbation and pornography are addictive and grave, potentially mortal sins. Also that confession isn’t about embarrassment but about mercy :slightly_smiling_face:

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How profitable the reading of writings of the apostolic fathers, the Imitation of Christ and other books that I became aware of lately. From Sunday school to mass pamphlets they should be recommended more.


Indulgence practice. I might have reformed my bad self much quicker if I had known that doing so could help me to help others. Sometimes just helping oneself is not motivation enough to get one off the dime.



Bless you for mentioning “The Imitation Of Christ”. I read that in the 1980’s as a seperated bretheren believer. I backslid from faith for 30 years and am returning by God’s grace with the help of the holy Catholic Church. I will read this before Monday.

It is a gem indeed. Full of wisdom.

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Lectio Divina. I did not know how to meditate and pray the Scriptures.

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