think ahead

A word of unsolicited advice for the younger folks. My son-in-law is retiring from the u.s. army this year and was hoping to get a job with the border patrol. He has spent the last 20 years in and out of war zones in harms way as the phrase goes. While he was in high school many years ago he tried weed and because he can’t state absolutely how many times he used he has been turned down for border patrol.
Personally I think this is wrong but the purpose of this post is to remind younger folks that even while different states are making pot use legal they should think twice as they may not have a clue what they may want to do a couple decades down the road. A couple to a few times of foolishness and he has had one option tossed. Not the end of the world but nevertheless…

Also I point out that state laws do not really legalize marijuana because federal law still prohibits it, even in those states. I’m not aware of any legal cases where this distinction came up, but it will happen sooner or later.

Because the Border Patrol is federal, the issue was bound to come up.

As to a court case, that will depend upon who is president.


Not only does it have to do with federal law. But has very much to do with the fact that boarder patrol deals with very DEA like issues. Having an anti drug workforce is paramount when dealing with the boarder since drug trafficking and even levels of corruption are bound to be issues!

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