Think and Pray for this family, this Christmas

Just the other day on the news headlines was a story about a child at the start of a holiday to Disneyland Paris drowned in a hotel swimming pool.

I know there is always contention any time I post here, but don’t let politics taint this.

here is the article.

Thank you for bringing this family to our attention.
I ask God to help them in their grief. I ask Him to help them cope with this awful loss.
And to please help prevent any further such tragedies.

Wow, so you mean to say God doesn’t know the family needs help with you telling him?

If you really want to help, how about actually sending money to cover funeral costs & etc, instead of telling God about something he already knows & pretending you did something good.

I recognise their pain, but at the same time I always find such articles extremely annoying. There are thousands of familes that are suffering right now, where the children are sick & won’t even get a chance of ever going to Disney’s, but yeah… let’s pray fro this one…

How very sad to lose a child while on family vacation. And right before Christmas too.

The family definitely needs our prayers.

As far as I know, it was a treat for his birthday, on St Stephen’s day.

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