Think flying is bad now? Wait till you see this


While shrinking the chairs is a start, Airbus has even more radical plans for increasing revenue in the next generation of planes. The company has filed a patent for seats that stretch the definition of what sitting even means. The new plan is to minimize the size of each row by having passengers lean back into cushions that resemble bike seats and strap themselves into place with seat belts. With the entire row of seats will be fixed to a common bar, allowing it be folded and stored when not in use. No seat back, no tray table and no legroom at all. Just a plane full of passengers trapped in a semi-squatting position for however long the journey may take.
Airbus acknowledges that passenger comfort is an afterthought but says it’s an acceptable tradeoff. “Reduced comfort remains tolerable for the passengers in as much as the flight lasts only one or a few hours,” the patent states.–wait-till-you-see-this-125711539.html


I can just see this in my mind.:whacky:


Proof the greedy are trying to kill us all off. Imagine the rise in blood clots due to this. This is insane. The seats are already enough to kill one off if the flight is of any length. Next they will have us flapping our arms and charge us if we are too slow.


Ain’t gonna happen. Period.


Oh, it might… investors have invested in worse things… but it won’t last long.


Neither the plane builders, nor the airlines are calling the shots here. It’s all about what the flying public wants. Personally, I like the idea of a choice.


I think I can do without flying.


Me too, at least until my broom gets out of the shop.


No thank you. Even when I take the short (about an hour or so) flight to visit my family, I want to be comfortable.


So do I. And nothing is more comfortable that the driver’s seat in my pickup – and I don’t have to ask TSA’s permission to get in.



Be sure not to drive on I-40.


True! Unfortunately, not an option for me. Since I go for extended visits, I take my cat with me, and she just would not do well on a long drive! :slight_smile:


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