Think I May Have A Vocation (Advice)

I am just so in awe of this.

I didn’t know if I should discern religious life until a couple of weeks ago. I kept going back and forth between religious life and marrried life.

Then a couple of weeks ago I got the great advice to discern the call you feel most powerfully after prayer. I feel the call to dedicate my life to Jesus and my desire to raise my own children starts to vanish the more I feel this.

I’m not perfect…who is? (well…our Lord, of course:p). I sure am not living to my full potential now but I feel the call to live as close to Jesus as I can in any stage of my life. I know I can, with God’s help, make my vows if He is calling. I feel I really could be a nun or sister.

I do have some questions though to get me started:shrug:…

I want to teach. That much is clear. Anyone know a good teaching order in Canada? Preferably habits (but I could be persuaded otherwise), and maybe missionary work on the side? Also, a community that lives in fairly large groups would be nice.

How do I go about finding a spiritual director to help me discern? I know many men discerning seminary go to priests, but it seems to me a teaching nun in a community is far different from a diocean priest who lives on his own (or with one other priest) in a regular housing situation with a salary:confused:. Am I obligated to have a male spiritual director? There aren’t many nuns in my region for me to go to. How would I contact them and how do I ask?

Thanks for any help,


u can ask your local priest about it. TBH i wouldnt know about any orders in Canada since I dont live in that country, but i will pray for u so that u find your right vocation :wink:
PM me your name so I can Pray to God for you, God bless!

Spiritual Directors, properly, are priests and therefore male. You, surely, need one to discuss your situation. In addition, you need to see also a vocation directress of a congregation of teaching nuns.
The best suggestion I can give you, at the moment, is to go and see your parish priest. He can also be the best Spiritual Director for you. He may be able to recommend a congregation also for you.

I agree, you will need a spiritual director as you prepare spiritually to walk this path God has set for you. The enemy will redouble his effprts to lead you astray when you undertake something like this (cf Athanasius’ Life of St Antony, the first monk).

Discerning a community may also be a drawn-out process. You will have to visit communities and try their life to see if it’s right for you. But stay open to God and he will guide you where you need to go!

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