Think I'm Guility Of Sloth

Basically I am a 16 year male,
I do the whole school routine, I go to church on the weekends, I ask my family if they need help with chores, but most of the time my parents have already done them.
And I find myself spending 4 hours or so on the internet either watching videos,or TV or playing video games etc.
Sometimes I feel I am only going on my laptop or doing the things above to kill time as I am bored and I feel that this when I do this it is Sloth. My problem with this is that they isn’t really such else I can really do, if I do not have homework or any exams there is nothing for me to study and therefore it leads me to go on my laptop.
I say a prayer every night and day but basically is what I am describing actually Sloth and if so what are some suggestions on what I can do, I am not someone who can really relax in all honesty, I use my laptop as a way of relaxation, would perhaps reading me a better option or having a conversation with some family members or perhaps playing a bit with my dog.
My friends do basically the same thing as me and we aren’t very outgoing so any suggestions?

Would perhaps me taking the time off the laptop and perhaps studying or doing some exercise or something would that help against slothfulness

Yes. Wait until university when sloth becomes quite the vice with procrastination.

You say you have all this time on your hands, well to kill the time, instead of going to your computer or video games, why don’t you spend some time with God? Pray, maybe say a rosary or read the bible. If you don’t have to study for school, then study the bible. Sloth leads you into temptation. If you are busied with manual tasks or reading the bible or praying, the devil will most likely leave you alone. Sloth is a seven deadly sin. Its good that you help out your family with chores and actually go to Mass, I don’t think it would be a deadly sin.Just a little laziness is all. But that can be fixed with some prayer and time with God. He is there waiting. Don’t let the computer or video games be a distraction from God, or become more of a bigger problem. God bless!!!

I think the sin of sloth would apply in your case only if you were doing your leisure activities instead of homework or chores. You’re obviously feeling guilty about it, though, as if you might be thinking you can be doing something more productive with your time.

The above suggestions are awesome, but I would like to add that maybe you could be a bit more proactive with household chores that you ask your parents about. Maybe if you did them before they asked you, or before they can get to them you would feel better. Trust me, I’m a mom of a 20 yr old and a 12 yr old. If they ever did a chore before I asked them to, first I’d check their temperature, then I would hug them :smiley:

I do agree. Learning more about your faith and all the richness it has to offer can be done on your laptop. Sometimes I read threads in this forum that lead me to research something that has been said or something I was unaware of and I write it down. I have composition books full of the things I have learned about our faith just in the last year alone. Not only does it make you an more informed catholic but it has a way of bringing you closer to God.:slight_smile:

Thank you for all of your answers and suggestions they have been rather helpful, at this present moment in time I will still be going on my laptop playing video games and such, but I will be spending more time revising and focusing on my studies.
After my studies are finished I will perhaps scan this forum and see if I can learn anything more about my own faith, or learn how to pray the rosary.
Or try to have some sort of vocation other than my computer such as maybe a musical instrument or something like that.
I heard that Sloth was spending time on computer or TV’s in your free time and I was completely stressing out, I will talk to this more with my priest and see if he can give me any ideas but I was thinking, as I am a quiet person my computer kinda is my relaxation and of course I thought my entire lifestyle had to change and I was worrying but thank you very much for your answers and advice, I thank you all.
If any of you like I will update you guys on how the discussion went with my priest if you like?

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