Think you might have a vocation to the priesthood? Age 35+?

I work on a seminary vocation committee in the US and can help point the way if you think you may have a vocation. Feel free to DM if you prefer.


I am not sure what you mean.

If you think you may feel a vocation for yourself, just contact your diocesan director of vocation and discuss this with him.
You will be welcome. Your age is not necessary a problem, also a priest said me it be harder to start again intellectual studies when you are older than the average.

God bless you.

With respect, wouldn’t it be best for someone to contact their own diocese’s vocation director, or a specific seminary/community’s vocation director, instead of DMing an individual stranger on the Internet?

If you work for an organization, perhaps list the organization’s website, and interested persons can check that out?


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A lot of men who are in their 40’s don’t realize that priesthood is even a possibility, so it’s important to reach out and let them know that not only is it possible, but there’s a seminary in the US just for ages 35-65 (John XXIII in Massachusetts).

Once we find someone that is interested in pursuing a late vocation, we direct them to their local diocesan vocation director.

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thanks you for giving the name of this seminary if someone older prefer this option.

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Catholics should be aware that the Church has never spurned the ordination of widowers, provided they have been married only once. If a man’s wife dies young, and he does not wish to remarry, it’s entirely reasonable for him to seek ordination, even if he has children. Likewise, there is no inherent reason to reject an old man from the priesthood, though I do question the wisdom of doing so.

because the studies will be long and difficult?
Because they will soon to be retired, so financially be in charge of the diocese?

I heard of one exemple that seems reasonable. A deacon whose wife died when he is in his 50’s or 60’s. Some of them will feel it’s natural path.

When I said “old man,” I was thinking more like age 70. It is a long study, while there is little time for them to serve.

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That’s probably why this seminary John XXIII don’t take men older tha 65 years old, according to the OP.

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