Thinking about a sin a sin? Not lust but contemplating

Is it a sin to think about a sin, not necessarily to picture yourself doing an act of whatever for your own enjoyment but rather thinking about whether it is a sin to do something or not and I often deceive myself or am so deluded in a state of temptation that I am lured into believing some sins aren’t sins, and then think about whether I should commit them and weigh up my options, not agreeing that I would commit it but wondering if it would be rightful or sinful for me to do so, and I often despite any reasoning I do not actually proceed with the act but still
am concerned that I come so near to committing it.

It depends. What is your motivation? Weighing the moral character of an action can be necessary, as for example when your job or your government requires you to do something which you are unsure about. It can be helpful under the guidance of a spiritual director, as in the case of someone struggling with scrupulosity.

But there are some things we don’t need to think about, or shouldn’t, because it is unhelpful or even dangerous, if it exposes us to temptation. Sometimes we make excuses to think about things we shouldn’t, because it gives us pleasure to think about them, or because we want to go as far as we can without getting in trouble with God (how sad!).

Ask yourself: Is it really necessary to think about this? Is thinking about this a near occasion of sin for me (e.g. by exciting anger, lust, envy, etc.)? Am I considering it dispassionately, to discover the truth, or am I feeding vain curiosity or base urges? (The answers to these questions may vary depending on the topic and the person.) Temptations against chastity are especially dangerous to start arguing with, because the more we think about it the more our passions are stirred up; and too easily we end up rationalizing ourselves into trouble.

I suppose that because I was tempted to such a great extent I had to make a decision whether I would be winning or not and whether to go ahead, you could say that I was sort of enticed or lead by my desires and forced into making a decision and although I was deluded enough into thinking I would not be sinning I did not make the decision to actually go ahead and sin and trusted my gut instincts that I should stay on the safe side

I suppose that I did find myself in such a position because I was tempted by my urges but I tried to make it clear as possible to myself that I would try not to turn this into lust

Catholics think too much. Live. Live. Live. Please do not get stuck in that rut of overthinking sins. Think about sins before you go to confession. Think about sins when presented temptation. Please enjoy life. You only live once (YOLO)

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