Thinking about becoming a teacher


I’ve decided that I do not want to return to my job after having my baby. I’m unhappy here because the work is not challenging and I feel I need to do something that will make a difference in someone’s life. Sounds cheesy, I know. Also, I need a job that is closer to home (takes me an hour to get to work) and a job that is more “family friendly.”

I’m thinking about becoming a teacher, but not really sure how to go about doing that. Of course, I will be dedicating my time to my baby after he’s born, but after things settle down I’d like to look into getting certified. I already have a bachelor’s degree ( I know that I would need a master’s to teach in a high school.), so I am assuming (someone correct me here) that I’ll need to get certified and do student teaching before I can become a certified teacher.

I live in Maryland, so if anyone knows how this all works here, I’m all ears.

I’d really like to teach in a Catholic School someday. So if anyone knows info about that, please share!


Here is some MD certification info. Private schools may have their own rules.

My degree is in Elem Ed; I taught for a year before having kids. I homeschooled for 16 years, have been hometeaching for AA County for 2.5 years and plan to go back to full time classroom teaching in the fall.

I’ll be a long term sub at a small Catholic school from April to June this spring and hope it will turn into full time for fall.

I have to look into certification since I’m so far beyond college!


You should start at the Maryland State Department of Education website:

Typically states have some type of alternative certification program for those who hold degrees and decide to change careers into teaching.

If you click on the “apply” link on the site I posted, you have some choices-- choose #6 and/or #11 to read about the programs.

I don’t know anything about Maryland so I don’t know about needing a Master’s to teach.


Thanks for the link, ladies. I checked it this morning and wrote down the number for the certification assistance line. I hope that if I do need a certification, I can do it close to home. (I’m in Southern Maryland.)


That’s funny you’re posting this…
I’m considering the same thing after this baby!

I’m an engineer (in the same job for over 6 1/2 years now)… and it’s SO incredibly stressful.
I’ve always dreamed of being a math or physics teacher (still using my degree)… and I’m starting to look into the process here in Florida as well.

In Florida - if you have a degree in a subject other than education, you can still become a teacher fairly easily (usually for high school, teaching your particular subject matter). Elementary school requires an actual education degree.

Another thing to look at (something I’m looking into) to supplement income is working for a tutoring agency (like the big national ones… Sylvan, Huntington, etc)… they can arrange for you to tutor, and sometimes this is great experience before stepping into a classroom…

Anyway… good luck with this! I’ll DEFINITELY keep you in my prayers (say a prayer for me too, if you don’t mind?!)…

Keep us updated on how things go!


That’s interesting Em–my husband had considered this, since we moved to Florida…but Disney came through, and he is really happy now…I have an education degree, but never ‘used’ it as Orange County was laying off left and right, when I got out of college back in the early 90’s. I wonder if I wanted to pursue it, what it might take? I have been in business for a while, now, and I know the money wouldn’t be what I’m making here.:o But, I have always thought that teaching would be a very rewarding career. It’s interesting that one does not need a specific education degree to teach middle school?:confused:

Good luck to you Stratus Rose–I hope that this path works out for you!:slight_smile:


Yeah, but I guess it’s because middle and high school teach SUBJECTS, not a single teacher that teaches EVERYTHING (like in elementary)…
So English majors can teach English… same for History, Science, Math, etc…
So they have more of an option of using other degrees, kwim?

It would definitely be a cut in pay for me :o , but that’s part of why I’m also considering looking at the tutoring on the side… that usually pays well.


I don’t want to disabuse you of the notion of teaching, it can definitely be very rewarding and fun.

BUT, many people have the notion that teaching is not stressful. I went from teaching to the business sector-- and my hiring boss actually told me that she was concerned about hiring me b/c I’d been a teacher and she was afraid the “stress” of a “real” job would be too much. The job was considered “high stress”-- computer help desk support at a large corporation.

Uh… yeah… right. It was a total breeze compared to teaching. In my almost 20 years since leaving teaching I have never encountered a stress level approaching that I experienced when teaching.


Ha, a teaching career would probably pay MORE than what I am making in the government! Sounds sad, but the agency I work for doesn’t get much funding.


I have a bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Curriculum/Education. My intention was to teach gradeschool. During my Masters, my son was born and I opened a Home Daycare instead. It’s great money, and the obvious benefit is being home with my son (I’m due with our second child). I’m just mentioning it to suggest that you might have an alternative. Good luck!


I taught school while pregnant with and a year after having our first and second children. It is very stressful, especially if you are not an experienced teacher. Be prepared to spend a whole lot of time outside the classroom preparing, correcting tests, and such.

The thing I found the most difficult about teaching, though, was the lack of flexibility. It is would be nice to be home when your kids are home, but be sure to think about the trade off. You cannot have any time to take a child to the doctor or any other appointments. If your day care falls through you have to find an alternative - you can’t just take the day off. My husband wound up staying home from work a few times for that reason - and my Aunt was watching my kids! You don’t even have time for a phone call. You can say that in case of a true emergency you can leave, but really, the little things in life with your kids are not really emergencies. I found it very difficult to teach with kids and they were babies. I imagine trying to do it now and I think it would just be impossible. Okay I realize I have 7 kids but even with just the two in 5th and 6th grade - they get very busy - it definitely would be even more difficult.

Now if you could job share or tutor that would be another option…

Oh and I got my certification in MD, too. I just had to submit my transcripts to the state and they told me which classes I needed to take to get certified to teach (high school). It took a year and a half. That was a long time ago, though, it might be different now.


Yes, 1 ke, I taught for six years before leaving to be a SAHM and it was a very stressful job. Here’s my question, though: Why in the world do some people not consider teaching to be a “real” job?

Can I now conclude that whenever I told people, such as my doctors, that I was an English teacher, they thought to themselves, “Oh, that’s not a real job?” Are they really saying it’s not a respectable one?


Because people only know the student-side of school, and people don’t associate their school memories with all of the work the teachers put in to create those lessons. They just remember “Mr Smith” who told jokes and had them sit there and read the chapter while he did a crossword puzzle.

A teacher who does his/her job well puts in a ton of work. But, people don’t see it.

Don’t overgeneralize. Many people do understand the tremendous amount of work that goes into teaching. But, others think that “summers off” and school day hours of 8-3 equates to not being a “real” job. They have no idea.


No, I didn’t mean to imply that I’d like to look into teaching because I think it’ll be LESS stressful…
I forgot to add the trump card of “I hate my job” (that’s what’s stressful about it)…
I KNOW teachers work hard and have a lot of lesson planning and grading to do… it’s definitely a REAL job (who thinks otherwise?)…

I’m just looking for something rewarding…
My current job has ZERO positive reinforcement. You do a good job, and you only get questioned on how you can do better or how you didn’t do good enough. Raises are non-existant (less than cost of living adjustments), even if you’ve brought in thousands of dollars for the company with your designs.

The work doesn’t bother me… it’s the negativity that’s stressful.
I’d love to have a kid come up to me smiling and say “Wow, I get that!” during a math lesson… now THAT’s rewarding. :thumbsup:


I’ve been teaching for four years now in Korea, and I love it. I like watching my students improve. I enjoy adjusting lesson plans to keep them interesting and relevant. I love how we can discuss one thing and go on a tangent that leads to real learning and an idea for a project later.

Unfortunately, in Korea you only need a Bachelor’s degree, and that’s what I have. To continue this job at home, I need more education. I’m doing a Master’s of Education online, and it’s really hard work. I’d love to go home now, but I couldn’t afford to finish the degree if I did.

Anyway, for the right kind of person, teaching is wonderful! You need patience and you need to really love people. It helps to be the kind of person who gets high on communication, because if talking exhausts you you’re going to be tired all the time. It helps if you have a husband with some flexibility, because I live alone and it’s a constant struggle to find time to get to the bank or let a repairman in. All-in-all, though, I love my job. Hope you love it just as much!


Teaching is one job that requires a lot of at home prep–at least for the first couple of years.

something to consider.


This sounds just like my DH’s job and he is miserable! You are so brave to have kept at it this long!


I am looking at going back to school as well to get a MA so I can teach, because I think I’d love being able to teach at the college level.


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