Thinking about Catholicism

Truth: I have major misconceptions of Catholicism.

I wanna learn more about it. My aunt has a nice Bible. It’s something like “Student Bible for Catholics”. This is a shot in the dark, and just a hope. I am just wondering if someone can send me one. I have no money, I’m 16 years old, my parents won’t get me one, etc.

If no one can, it’s fine. I guess I can wait a couple years.


Read the Catholic Catechism online for free here. This brings together Scripture, Tradition and the Magisterium. It is complete with references.

The Mass: A Biblical Prayer


The Early Church Fathers

This is the Faith - online google book

It’s a Bible you are looking for?

Here is one on-line free of charge:

Happy reading.

God bless you

Greek Bible:
Latin Bible:
Other Bibles:

It was a regular Catholic Study Bible with extra writings about Catholicism. I’m at my cousins house, and my mom gave me $20. I’m gonna go to Barnes N’ Noble and hopefully get it :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone.

Good luck buddy! This website and others like (or is it org?) offer great resources and historical documents such as the writings of Augustine.

WELCOME TO THE FLOCK!! First and foremost, let a priest teach you the Bible and Catholicism. Private interpretation is frowned upon by the Vatican II Council. If you want to be enriched by the learning process join an R.C.I.A. class when you are 18. Until then come to this web page and learn from enciclicals of the Pope and priests here at CAF.

God Bless

I have this Bible. It costs a lot more than $20.00. Maybe you can save up for it.
Also, if you find that your parents object, you should respect their wishes until you are 18 and an adult.

But there is plenty of information online about the Catholic Church, as others have pointed out. Just don’t disobey your parents. But we are all, I am sure, very pleased that you wish to investigate the Catholic Church and clear up any misinformation you might have heard. It is always best to seek out the truth about things. God Bless You.

i was really interested in seeing the early church father link but it won’t connect for me! :shrug:

Here is another - Fathers


I just looked for it on Amazon. They have 23 new and used starting at $1.15 and new ones starting at $11

I think you might want to check out the faith tracts on this site first, and then go get a Study Bible or books you have interest in.

So, I bought an ESV Bible instead…

I’m going to the mall tomorrow, and I’m thinking about returning it for the Catholic one. What do you think I should do?

if you are thinking of entering the catholic church, then i would suggest buying the catholic one.

Well…I’m thinking about it, but I’m kinda scared. I always believed Catholicism was a horrible cult headed for hell. Then I read up on stuff, and it doesn’t seem that bad. If I’m not a Catholic, I’m damned according to Catholics. If I’m a Catholic, I’m damned according to non-Catholics. I’m just fearful. I just want to glorify God :frowning:

Who said your damned? leave that to god alone! (to make that judgement i mean) Don’t let anyone tell you your damned because they have no right to do so! even the pope can’t tell you your damned!

Don’t be scared, you’ll be fine, you’ll see. I can assure you once you come home to the catholic church you will not regret it. But you are doing the correct thing by researching the faith first before making a decision.:thumbsup:

I strongly recommend reading the catechism of the catholic church, it explains the faith, it’s teachings it’s beliefs with references to scripture!

you don’t even have to buy it, it’s online at

It is a bit of a read but it has a table of contents where you can look at different areas that you want answers to.

Do you know about the rosary?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m concerned about works. Isn’t it wrong to work your way into heaven? Can you even do that?

What I know of the rosary: It’s a bunch of prayers, including the hail mary, that Catholics recite everyday.

Don’t know how true or false that is…

Also, what about the dark period of the Church? Like, the Dark Ages, medieval. I feel like Catholics are in denial of it. I learned in school that the Popes of that time were having kids, Catholics blamed the Jews for the bubonic (Dark) plague, and other stuff :o

You make that decision for yourself. :thumbsup:

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