Thinking about converting from Baptist Christianity to being Catholic

Hi I’m a devout Christian of the Baptist denomination
But I am thinking about becoming a Catholic.
I have trusted god for a long time…
I am wondering how do I convert I’m under 16 and my mother is a Baptist Christian as well.

Is there anything I should know about

Any advice is greatly appreciated



It’s nice that you think you might want to convert.
However, you’re a minor. We cannot advise you to take steps towards conversion to Catholicism without your parents’ permission. If your parents don’t permit you to convert right now, then you must do what they say until you are legally an adult.

I would suggest that you use the time between now and when you are a legal adult to read up on Catholicism and learn more about it. Some good books are “Catholicism for Dummies” and the Catholic Catechism (available on the Vatican website). Then when you’re 18, if you still want to convert, you would do so by contacting the closest Catholic parish and tell them you are interested in becoming a Catholic. They will then tell you about the process.


What is said above!
I would like to add that a lot of people misrepresent Catholic beliefs and teachings, so be careful with that and look for Catholic resources (and make sure they’re really Catholic!). God bless you on your journey.


And, of course, pray much, and ask for the intercession of Our Blessed Mother as well.


Hi, I’m a Catholic convert from the Baptist denomination. I also decided to convert around 16-17 and waited until I was 18 to formalize the process.

If I may ask, have you tried talking to your parents about it?

Feel free to ask any questions!


Thanks for responding
Is there any changes if I am allowed to convert.
About church services


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I’m also a convert from the Baptist denomination as well. I would suggest trying to pray to the Lord and the Saints first. I will be praying for you.


I’m not sure what you mean. Catholic church services aren’t the same as Baptist church services.

If you should (with your parents’ permission) attend a Catholic Mass just to see what it’s like, then make sure you do not receive Holy Communion unless and until you are fully admitted to the Catholic Church. In the Catholic Church, we restrict Communion to Catholics in a state of grace.


I would also recommend authors who are converts from Protestant denominations. That is what helped me out a lot. As someone mentioned previously, there is a lot of misinformation out there. It is best if you stick with reliable sources.


You didn’t say whether or not you were baptized. In either case, this Catholic Answers tract, “How to Become a Catholic,” might be helpful.


Being a devout baptist, I am pretty sure she’s been baptised :wink:.

I grew up southern and independent baptist and was also devout. This book helped me to resolve my concerns:

If you are as studious and inquisitive as I’ve always been, I would steer you to the Catechism itself; it is $0.99 on kindle.

There is also an American version that breaks it down into more simple language.

Best wishes to you on your spiritual journey!


I haven’t been baptized as I need my father plus mother’s consent because I’m under 16

Because the Terms of Use for this Forum state in Content Rule 11:

Do not give advice to a minor that opposes the instruction of a parent or legal guardian. All such discussions should be directed to the proper authorities: parents, guardians,

We are required to follow the rules of the forum. We are not permitted to advise a minor to go against their parents’ wishes. If you have questions about that, please private message the moderator; us posters don’t make the rules.

I see you just joined, so you might want to review the other forum rules at the link I posted.

In addition to that, if the person is a minor and presented himself for Catholic instruction, then the priest or RCIA director (in USA anyway and in many if not most Western countries) would need to obtain consent of their parent or guardian in order to instruct them in the faith.

(Also, side note: The original poster appears to be a young woman, not a young man, based on their name “Emmagirl”. )


I’m female
In the bible ‘honor thou parents’ in the 10 commandments.
Disobedience would not be respecting them


That’s fine, and that’s also in compliance with the rules of this forum.

Obviously us Catholics would not be thrilled if the neighbor lady encouraged our minor children to convert to some other faith, and we wouldn’t be happy if the minister of the other church decided to help them switch to his church without our permission. So, we don’t do that to others either.


Just curious, (I’m not Catholic) but have you told your parents that you would like to baptized. I grew up Southern Baptist and usually Baptist parents are thrilled when their child makes a profession of faith in Christ and request to be baptized. I’ve seen children as young as 5 years old be baptized in the Baptist Church.


True and good. Even more, Jesus says obedience is better than sacrifice.

Do you feel like you are “sacrificing” by not being able to convert to Catholicism now?

Are you truly being obedient or honoring your parent’s faith wishes for you by looking elsewhere, at a time when you are to be finally discovering for yourself what they taught you ?

Just wondering if you have sought and tasted your given green pastures first before thinking they are elsewhere.
That is a common question and introspection for those who depart from their upbringing, be it Catholic or Protestant even all other faiths.( I was raised Catholic and at 21 became born again in a baptist/ pentecostal type church.)

Although there may currently be COVID-19 restrictions limiting attendance at church services, normally, everyone is welcome to attend a Catholic church service (Mass). However, only Catholics “in a state of grace,” i.e., only Catholics who have no unconfessed serious sins, are suppose to receive Holy Communion, i.e., eat the bread or drink the cup of the Lord.

I recommend attending Mass with a parent or trusted adult and a Catholic friend, so they can help guide you through the service.

Because, as others have mentioned, a Catholic church service (Mass) is quite different from a Baptist church service, it would probably be a good idea to familiarize yourself beforehand with the order of service of a typical Catholic Mass and with what you would be expected to do and say, if you wanted to participate along with the rest of the people in the congregation.

Since you indicated you are Scottish, here’s a link to a PDF produced by the Bishop’s Conference of Scotland of The Order Of Mass that might be helpful. It indicates when and what the people are to do, such as stand, bow, sit, kneel, make the sign of the cross, strike their breast, or offer a handshake to those nearby, and what they are to say in response to the things the priest, deacon, and other ministers say.

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