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If this is not the right location for this post I apologize.

After a long time of prayer and thought my wife and I are seriously considering on joining the Catholic church. We are Episcopalians, and for the most part happy Episcopalians. We just struggle with some of the less then orthodox teachings.

We really enjoy the rich liturgy of our church. Our church has a High (sung) Mass with incense, and bells. We are having problems finding a Roman Catholic church in our area with similar worship practices.

We live in South of Dallas. There is no parish in our town so we are looking for one in South Dallas, and surrounding towns.

Please understand I am not looking for a church that simply is a carbon copy of ours. We just really want to be part of a parish were incense are regularly used, sung or high mass, prefer kneeling to take communion, and things like that.

Thanks for any help


There is a Catholic Church that uses the Anglican liturgy in Arlington, TX. I don't know if that is close to you.

There link is


I'm rather far away to be any practical help, but...

Welcome Home!


Is this church close to you?

This is traditional church and they would have the incense at their high mass.

Good luck in your journey!!!!!


Welcome home! Have you been inspired at all by the Holy Father’s invitation to those from the Episcopal/Anglican tradition to become Catholic while retaining the good of their Anglican liturgical patrimony?

A group of priests and bishops formerly from the Episcopalian tradition has already been received and ordained in the Catholic Church in England, and I think there are plans afoot for an American group soon -


Thanks for the replies.

DL82, I cannot say that this is a driving factor for us. It does make things much more easy, and attractive. We are still a wait and see when it comes to the Anglicn use. I am keeping a close eye on it.

Hail_Linus, My wife and I have been flirting with the idea of visiting St. Mary the Virgin for a few years now. They came in back under the pastoral provision. They are techically not under the Anglican use ordinariate as of yet. (Unless things have changed). It is about 20 mils from us. We are usually very involved at church, and I think it would be hard to get there 3 or 4 times a week, plus I am worried about making friends.

CopyKat, Yes I have been interested in them for some time. I would love for this church to be closer. My wife would go to any parish I would take my family, but I know that all latin mass would take a move of the Holy Spirit to get her excited about it. Having a true Anglican heart she has a strong opinion on liturgy being in the launguage of the people, I can see her point, and understand where she is coming from.

Again I want to thank everyone. Honestly both these churches are on our to visit list. So are a few others. I am from Chicago, and would love to live in a place with so many churches. We could just walk a block or two and bam there would be a parish.


Your best bet is to check out the website for the diocese in your area and it will be able to tell you what the closest Catholic Church is to you usuallly by zip code.


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