Thinking about Divine Providence in the History of the RCC

These thoughts about Divine Providence in the History of the Roman Catholic Church keep popping in my head. I don’t no why, but it is getting strange. I keep have thoughts about the time when St. Gregory VII reformed the Church with such great bravery; or the time when St. Catherine of Siena brought the Pope back to Rome; or the the Great Catholic Reformation. It seems to me that God never ceases to bring people up at the right time to reform the Church. As we know, the Church is always in need of Reform, and is in need of Reform once again in our day, especially with the rampant liberalism. I think we should put our faith in the Lord, but I beg the question: How do you think God will do it this time?

How about the mess that Sts. Peter Damien and Leo IX had to clean up? You think the sex scandals nowadays are bad, read St. Peter Damien’s “City of Gamorrah.” :eek:

Also, the recent document concerning homosexual priests is almost a mirror image of the steps St. Leo IX took (despite St. Peter Damien’s urgings for more radical measures). I wouldn’t be surprised if Pope Benedict XVI took that into account.

Remember, the devil always wars against the Woman. Whether it be in the Garden or the Apocolypse–but just like Jahel, Judith, and the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Bride of Christ by Christ’s power will crush the head of our chief enemy.

The Catholic Church is the city on the hill so the devil attacks her relentlessly. Do you ever wonder why when an Orthodox monastery has a very grave sex scandal it is buried in local news, but when a Catholic priest has an affair with a secretary it’s front page on the New York Times? The devil knows the Church is that light that cannot be hid–she is lifted up for the whole world to see–everyone knows her–so he must try and discredit her before the whole world.

St. Michael defend us in battle!

I never thought of this! This is another instance of Divine Providence. But it was really St. Gregory VII who took a real hard smash at the problem…Pope St. Leo IX said it was an exaggerated book.

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