Thinking about doubting jesus?

I was reading about doubting thomas, and how he needed to see the nail wounds in Jesus hands before believing.

This got me to thinking, if Jesus ever came back as a human, we would never believe the person who was making that claim and write him off as crazy, sacrilegious, etc.

This makes me feel bad and a little empathy for the many that denied jesus when he lived because if someone who could do some magic tricks claimed to be Jesus today I would laugh at him.

Has that thought ever crossed your mind?

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Well, there’s a difference between magic tricks and the Finger of God.
This idea seems referenced to by our Lord and is almost certainly a reference to Exodus when the magicians had to admit that Moses was working with a greater power.
So, for instance, a man who really has no eyes and then if someone claiming to be a miracle worker makes them have eyes and see, that’d be pretty amazing.
But the most amazing would, of course, be raising yourself from the dead.

But yes, it is nice to not get too prideful and think, “Haha, those silly pharisees, if I were there, I would have been a super disciple!” Because we don’t know.

But in the Second Coming He shall come in glory.

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I just can’t see myself having any other reaction than that. Unless of course I saw the miracles first hand, which most people did not see.

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It is quite a good thing to be thankful for, that we are here now. Thanks be to God.

NEVER…I have Faith and rely on it…HE is control…not me!

How else would He come back? Jesus is not the Second Person of the Trinity; He is the Second Person of the Trinity Incarnate (made flesh).

Were he to come back, He would come back in His glorified body - the same one which rose from the dead and ascended to heaven. Not some “other person”.


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Absolutely. At least, I’ve wondered sometimes, if I myself would have been Thomas, needing ‘proof,’ so to speak.

This absolutely has crossed my mind and has been at the center of conversations before.
There’s a show on Netflix called Messiah which plays into this thought process.

As I know for a fact that when Christ returns that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess, He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, I find it unreasonable to think of Christ incarnating a second time as an obscure person.

ETA. Christ is fully human and fully divine, as He was from his incarnation for eternity.


That if I would recognize Jesus if I saw Him… yes all the time. Especially when He says, I was hungry and you gave Me something to eat… Sometimes I think I might miss Him.

In the second coming, He will come back in glory and as a judge, there will be no doubt.

There were false messiahs before Jesus which was one reason people had a hard time accepting him.

What was different between Jesus and the false messiahs?

They promised wealth and military might for Israel. After all isn’t that what the Hebrews wanted to hear?

Jesus preached about God’s love.

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