Thinking about making my own brown scapular

I’m thinking of making my own brown scapular (by hand/embroidery) so I came here with some questions:

  1. Does the scapular have to be made out of 100% wool, or can it be mixed with another fabric, like cotton? For example, if a fabric is 50% wool and 50% cotton, would that be okay?
  2. Do the strings have to be wool as well?

Thank you.

According to the official Carmelite Scapular Catechesis, brown scapulars today do not need to be made out of wool - any sort of brown fabric may be used.

There is also no requirement that the strings be wool or any other particular fabric. The strings don’t even have to be brown.

If you are looking for nice ideas, I have seen some on Etsy and Pinterest for inspiration. Please show us when you are done! :slightly_smiling_face:

Friends, I’m ordering the supplies today!


Great, post pictures of your finished scapular!

It does not need to be made of wool or to be brown… This are the times we are living I guess.

The two squares of fabric still need to be brown.
The strings don’t need to be brown, and indeed are often white on the standard traditional scapulars one buys.
None of it needs to be wool any more. The reason is that pure wool is no longer generally used for Carmelite habits nowadays. It’s impractical and costly.

Some of the supplies came in today. I’m still waiting for the brown fabric lol

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Interesting: Why are you doing that?

People that do embroidery sometimes are able to make their own version, or design. I myself would love to embroider some sacred heart items, “someday.”

I happen to be fairly good at embroidery, and scapulars are hard to find in South Korea.

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Scapular update: I bought a thick fabric but it keeps tearing itself apart, and I’m mortified.

I don’t know what kind of fabric will be okay with the scapular making. Ergh.

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