Thinking Makes Us Pig Out

“Food for thought: Intellectual activities make people eat more than when just resting, according to a study that sheds new light on brain food”

I don’t know how they determined that the thinking subjects used up only three calories more than the “resters”. And I wonder how they kept the “resters” from thinking, or knew whether the “resters” were sneaking some thinking in on the sly.

Finally, I wonder how they knew how hard “thinker X” was thinking relative to “thinker Y”, or even “rester A” or “rester B”. Did they perhaps look to see whether veins were popping out on their temples, or perhaps their lips were pursed?

Sounds to me like a government-funded study.

I’m not fat, I think a lot! :smiley:


Exactly!!! St. Thomas Aquinas, anyone? He was fat why? Summa Theologica. That’s why.

I can remember losing ten pounds in a 24-48 hour period in college “pulling overnighters” for exams. Doubtless much of it was just water loss. But I always did think some of it was the intensity of calorie burning in the brain; trying to cram four months of learning into that brain overnight. The weight would rise a bit again between exams, but then plummet again. At the end of exams, (back then, they all happened within one week) I might well have dropped 15 lb, and it took awhile to get it back. I was somewhat given to “overnighters”, so it happened every time.

That explaines it:hmmm:
I am gonna start a new diet. its the get stupid diet!!!

If that was true, the public schools would be full of geniuses :rolleyes:

Leno said this makes sense concidering supemodels.

LOL! That’s funny! Then how come most geniuses are not overweight? Why aren’t all of the big thinkers and smartest people in the world fat? I don’t believe that study at all there’s no way to measure how much thinking one person is doing over another. :slight_smile:

When doing some intense writing at the 'puter, I used to feel starved. I’d think, “What gives? I’ve just been sitting here for hours!”

So it wasn’t my imagination! :smiley:

Maybe the calories burnt when they think outweighs the calories they consume? :rolleyes:

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