Thinking of Going to Argentina to Help Protestant Ministry

I am wanting to do someting worthwhile and significant with my life, I’ve retured an offer from a Minister to go to work in Argentina with them. Only problem is, it’s a Protestatnt Ministry. Should I go ahead and aid the ministry?

I would ask your local priest.

If you’re going to help with feeding the poor or helping lower income communities I would think it’s okay. If you’re going to help preach the beliefs of the Protestant ministry I would skip it.


The problem with protestant ministry is that work for the poor is not separated from teaching their beliefs. It goes hand in hand. In that way you would be engaged with teaching heresy. I’m sure you could easily find Catholic programmes that help the poor.

The thing is: Im not Catholic yet.

So your planning on joining. If you are thinking in joining the Church, don’t go. If you want to do service to God, help out at the local Parish that’s by your house. Food for thought

Just know that, by helping a protestant mission, you will be dividing and weakening the Body of Christ. Satan delights in that, as he is the master of division.

I would advise against it. Lapsed Catholics are a favourite target for Protestant missionaries for one thing, and you’d be supporting(though maybe indirectly) the teaching of heresy. This is all assuming that this is a mission with evangelisation as an objective.

I dont neccessarily think there is a problem with it. If there is genuine charity going on, you will be helping the Lord. You can be up front with many and express your own faith. You may inspire some. But I do hope you would be able to attend Mass, if not…that becomes problematic. Lets never demonize protestant bro’s and sis’. But if they are the type who try and “save” Catholics and have agendas to preach against the Church, well…come on…thats not much of a ministry.

The heart of the Lord is mercy. Be gracious and you will learn alot.

God Bless,

PS, of course you haven’t shared much about their ministry. The denominations can vary just a little bit:rolleyes:

Well, if you are intending to become Catholic then you should behave like one. It won’t magically happen the day you are received into the church. Those who are planning to convert should not actively participate in other religious services, like taking protestant communion for example. In the same way they should not contribute to the spreading of protestantism in any way. From what I know, protestant aid always includes a little lesson, a Bible study or something with a meal. Strings are attached. (Catholic charity is not like that, just look at how Mother Theresa did it. There are many other examples.)

What is wrong with helping people with a Catholic group, since you are planning to become Catholic? I am a bit confused about this.

If the ministry is Anglican or Lutheran, they probably aren’t intending to “save” anyone. If they’re Reformed or Evangelical, they quite possibly have that aim. Gobbling up uninformed Catholics (and, something even closer to my heart, Orthodox) is a favourite passtime of far too many Protestants. Lord have mercy.

Its a Pentecostal ministry dedicated to hrlping abused girls.

I agree.

There’s a lot of interdenominational Christian mission groups that honestly don’t even touch the subject of denominations with a 10 foot pole. ALL of the food banks in my area that are ran by religious groups are multiple denominations of Christians from multiple churches coming together. Really beautiful that they leave their differences behind for this ministry. However, you just wrote that this is a Pentecostal ministry. If you have the intention of becomming Catholic but would be promoting the Pentecostal denomination…it just seems like a contradiction…consult a priest. :confused:

Most of the time…such missions are have a secondary aim of planting churches…protestant that is…so I would think long and hard before going.

This is my take…there is most likely a catholic ministry or charity already dedicated for such purpose…all you need to do is to call your diocese and ask help in getting a contact person…and then you can volunteer your services…these could be run by a diocese or most often…run and led by a religios order or community.

This speaks of the universality and global presence of the Catholic Church…and this speaks of the lack of global authority within protestantism.

Basically no. While they may be doing many wonderful and helpful things that Catholics Church would do like feed the poor, build homes etc. the purpose is to spread Protestantism in a Catholic Country so no. There are many wonderful Catholic charity groups that you should look into if so inclined in missionary work.

I think this would be very good to look into. Its true that when we participate in the denominational ministries, we take something away from the greater good of the Church. NOT that this ministry of helping abused girls doesnt sound awsome! But if you can do these things in the name of all the things that the saints throughout the world stand for, that would be cool. In that way, there is more than one good work that God will be doing through you;)


I think you need to pray about it and seriously bring it to God. All of the Protestant missions work differently as in some are open to all denominations helping out with their work, while others expect you to teach their beliefs. It’s important to get your information and speak with the people in charge. Both sides need to be honest with each other and find out what are the expectations. If everyone is on the same side then, you should go. If there are some reservations or concerns those need to be addressed and worked out. Just because the mission is Protestant doesn’t mean it’s not open for Catholics. One really needs to do their research and saturate it in prayer. Speaking to your priest is always a good idea in any case. That said it’s important to keep in mind that some priests are more open to other denominations than others.

Some thoughts or points.

Talk to your spiritual director…if you don’t really have one…you might want to rethink

What do you know for certain about your regular access to the Sacraments down there?

How is your prayer life? 30 minutes REAL per day?

How frequent is Confession for you, at least monthly?

These points address your interior life with God…if its not very strong, stable, and constant…be on guard.

you are gracious… blessings

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