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Long story short, I never considered religious life for a long time until God made it clear He’s in control. The more I’ve been discerning the more paths I’ve discovered. I had always intended to go into history by working in a public history setting but during the fall I was in Adoration when I realized I should study theology. Now I’m studying both and very confused. Should I work in history or theology in the married vocation? Maybe I’m supposed to lean towards a convent? I’m exploring the Daughters of St. Paul but not exactly sure how to go about. Part of me is very excited to explore religious life and part of me is terrified. I just needed to spit this out and hear what people thought.


You could contact the vocations director at whatever place you’re considering. They’ll give you some info and advice. I also recommend meeting with your pastor and discussing the matter with him. Furthermore you may be able to serve right there at your own church as an altar server while you are in discernment. That’s what I’m doing and it’s truly an honor and blessing to be able to do so.


Ave Maria!

Don’t worry about marriage now. Dedicate yourself to discerning God’s call to the supernatural life before the devil snatches it away from you and you lose all inspiration. If you trust God and move forward with all your heart, you’ll either become a religious or He will prepare the perfect husband for you, but in due time.

Consecrate yourself to Our Blessed Mother and She will guide you more perfectly than anyone else can. Get a spiritual director, try to go to daily Mass, frequent confession, and read the lives of the saints for more inspiration. Ave Maria!

Mary, Mother of Vocations, pray for us!

In the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary,

Friar John Paul


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