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Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ.

I am a young lad with a zealous desire to be a Carmelite Priest someday. Currently, I am leading a small Catholic group in the university I am attending. Well, I am a devotee of St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross, as well as of St. John Bosco and his beloved student St. Dominic Savio, patron saints of the youth. If by chance that God will allow, I am hoping that I can acquire their third class relics. I already know the email-address of the postulators of the said saints, but unfortunately [as for what I know] postulators only distribute 2nd class relics and of course they will be requiring donations to cover the shipping fee. As a 14 year old student who is still relying under the care of my parents, I won’t be able to sustain myself financially. So, I am asking what ALTERNATIVES can I take given the limits to my situation. Do you know a custodian who is distributing third class relics of my patron saints?

By the way I am a Custodian and I am also searching third class relics of the 12 Apostles.

Thank you for your time and God Bless you! :blessyou:


Contact the Postulators for the relics. Tell them your situation. They will be more than happy to help you out or to direct you to where you need to go to find these. Also, ask around your diocese to see if any parishes have first class relics of the saints you are looking for and there you can make third class relics (by touching something such as a rosary to the first class relics).



Pax Christi!

Following this.

Third-class should be easy to get. I have Holy Cards from but for you shipping is a concern.

God bless.


Bear in mind the Church forbids the sale of relics and despite the opinions of some people Canon Law does not differentiate between the classes of relics. Some will say that does not apply to third class relics but that is not what Canon Law states.
If a donation is required simply to cover shipping costs that would be okay.

Can. 1190 §1 It is absolutely wrong to sell sacred relics.


I would recommend that you contact this ministry

They conduct exhibitions of relics ( about 150) at parishes in the United States and Canada. They have first class relics of the Saints that you mentioned.

I’m sure they would be happy to send you a medal or holy card of some type that was touched to the relics that you mention.

Or, if you have specific medals, a rosary or other devotional item, you can probably ship it to them and they will touch it to the appropriate relic

If you can, I would recommend that you include a sufficient donation to cover shipping expenses, as you are some distance away. If you were in the US, you could have included a stamped envelop, but I don’t think that is possible for international shipping.


Greetings brother!

I have tried doing that method :slight_smile:
I’ve been successful in finding some of the First-Class and Second-Class relics of my patron saints aside from the ones mentioned above :slight_smile:

And yes I found a custodian on which the relics of St. John Bosco and his beloved student, St. Dominic Savio are under his custody. Currently they are in a public veneration so it would not be too difficult for me to acquire their third class relics :slight_smile:


Greetings brother in Christ,

Thank you for your suggestion. I have another question. Did it happen or by chance that you already have requested third class relics from them? I mean it is my first time to hear about the website, are they really distributing third class relics?
I’m sorry if I’m doubting, it is just that I wanted to make sure. :slight_smile:

God Bless :blessyou:


I attended one of their showings at a nearby parish a few months ago. They are in my state currently, but not nearby.

They specifically ask people to bring items of devotions, such as rosaries, medals and scapulars to touch to the relics.

Such an item, when touched to a first class relic with the INTENTION of becoming a third class relic, becomes so.

It is really a beautiful experience. I do have a Rosary that I brought with me, that I touched to relics of several saints. This was one that had been blessed by Pope Benedict and thus was my ‘special’ Rosary, needless to say, it is now even more special.

I also specifically touched my wedding ring to the relic of St. Joseph, with the special intention of seeking his intercession towards me being a good husband and father. My wife did similar with her wedding ring onto the relic of the Veil of Our Lady.

So yes, if you sent them, perhaps a scapular,( since your spirituality is Carmelite), or something that is easily mailed, I am positive that one of the priests will touch it to the relics that you request and return it to you.


I cannot see anything on the website that indicates they give away relics. I would think they might just allow at exhibitions items to be touched to first class relics.


I simply suggested the OP contact them. They have the relics and promote the creation of third class relics.

I was at one of their exhibitions during the summer and they very much encourage the creation of third class relics.

If the OP sends a devotional object, I would think it highly likely that they will touch it to the requested relics and return it, especially if postage was provided.


Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ,

Thank you for your help regarding the information to acquire the third class relics of the 12 Apostles, St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, St. John Bosco and his beloved student, St. Dominic Savio.

I am so much grateful that you have given your precious time in replying in the thread that I posted.
I hope you can help me once more…:smiley:

Actually, I am also in search of the following third class relics aside from the saints mentioned above:

St. Ignatius of Loyola
St. Augustine of Hippo
St. Monica
St. Francis De Sales
Bl. John Paul II - (already had the information where to get his third-class relic)
St. Maximilian Kolbe - (already had the information where to get his third-class relic)

After being successful in getting these relics, I will stop doing quests in search for other relics…
It is just that these holy men and women specifically, taught me how to live as a good christian and as a child of the Mother Church.
Also by the way, as I am in search for their third class relics, I am also in a journey to learn the virtues they have practiced during their lifetime

“In Omnibus Amare et Servire Domino in Persona Christi Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!”


Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ!

Alright, before anything else I just wanted to confirm that in the Arma Christi, relics of Apostles are also embedded in the reliquary right?
If it is so, then can I ask if do you know anyone [most probably a custodian] on which the Arma Christi is under his/her custody?

I’ve seen a photo of a third class relic of the Arma Christ from my friend.
Do you know where to request it?

Thank you for your time and God Bless thee through the Blessed Virgin Mary and her holy spouse St. Joseph :slight_smile:



Greetings brother in Christ,

I am curious if ever you know where to request this relic:

(Photo Below)

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