Third Confession in a day

I am a rather scrupulous individual. I went to a priest who has been a Confessor of mine in the past for what was my third Confession in a day. This particular priest has told me that I need to significantly space out my Confessions and has also said basically that because of my scruples, under certain circumstances he may not hear my Confession. Today when he asked me when my last Confession was, I simply said, “today,” not wanting to admit that this was my third one. Eventually during the third Confession I tried to indicate that I had gone back to Confession after my first Confession. Near the end of the third Confession, the priest said something that made me think he still didn’t realize this was my third Confession. It occurred to me before the absolution that I should say something, but I didn’t bring it up until after the absolution. When I told the priest that this was my third Confession, he stated that he had heard when I tried to indicate this during the Confession and that he was going to ask about it. Now I’m concerned that by withholding this during the Confession, I committed sacrilege. I didn’t actually say anything untrue, but one could argue that a lie of omission is still a lie.

Please get some counseling. This is a serious problem. You need professional help.

I am seeing a counselor. Do you think I committed sacrilege?

No. You didn’t.

But me telling you that won’t make you believe it.

It helps, though. Thanks

Why didn’t your first confession of the day make you think you weren’t sufficiently absolved? Or did you commit three regularly spaced mortal sins? I agree that spiritual direction is in order. You should not be tormenting yourself like this. I will keep you in my prayers. :console:

My first Confession was great. Then I realized that, ironically because of my scruples, some of what I confessed was probably not with sufficient contrition. I went back in the afternoon. Then I got scrupulous about something I did when I got home and went to Confession a third time, where the priest indicated that nothing I confessed was grave, although, I left worried about not having honestly disclosed during the Confession that it was my third one.

St Moses the black in the 4th century once confessed 20 times in one night of committing lust. The confessional is always open. Anyone who turns away repentants because they have already been today is wrong. If you feel you need to confess something, confess it to God in the presence of the priest, and recieve the blessed Absolution. Let the Euchrist be your centre, and the confessional your bus stop to eternity :slight_smile:

Would it help if you wrote down all your sins first so you know you have not left anything out, which would mean you would not have to go back to confession again that day or week, unless it was something mortal, see can you get some book in the Catholic bookshop on being scrupulous also tell the priest that you are suffering from scruples and can he advise anything for you, may the Lord give you peace of mind and trust in Him when the priest gives you Absolution Our Lord reads your heart and through the Priest has given you Absolution - Lord I put all my trust in you- and what YOU says goes, this is what HE is saying to you through the priest, your sins are forgiven, go in peace.

God Bless and walk with the Lord .

Not the best for one who is suffering with Scruples, a dreadful affliction.

I do tend to make lists. I have a counselor and I think I’m on the cusp of overcome some of my scruples, but there’s a way to go yet. Does anyone think I invalidated my third Confession?

As I said, telling you no will do no good. I already told you no. You simply don’t believe me.

You are sick and you need a doctor, a spiritual one.

Right. I didnt entirely know what Scruples Meant. Now i understand the danger. Dont let the devil or even your own weaknesses doubt the validity of the blessed sacrament. I know for me I have the same thing. When I was baptised orthodox, i was too tall to be fully dunked. I doubted for months whether that invalidated my baptism, but God doesn’t play games like that. Also, I always confess during confession the sins I may have forgotten by saying “Father there is probably more, but I cannot recall them. Please forgive me for them too”. that should cover you. We shouldnt look at confession in such a legalistic sense, as in this sin= 3 our fathers, 2 hail marys. But rather sin is sin. We should meditate on the love of Christ.

What did the Priest tell you on your third Confession- ???

Gave you Absolution- YES. DEFINITELY YES.

What did Fr. Say - at the end - YOUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN,




I am praying for you that you trust and find peace in Our Lord May Our Lady’s shawl be always around your shoulders protecting you and bringing you towards her SON>


I’ve heard of bar hopping. Confessional hopping may not catch on though. I know folks who haven’t gone in years!

The things you torment yourself over are not sins. You imagine they are.

Your real sin, the sin of the scrupulous is failure to trust in God’s mercy.

You are picking at scabs and making them bleed. The real open wound is a refusal to accept mercy and embrace forgiveness.

There is also a sin of omission. While you spend all of your time incessantly fretting over imperfect confessions your time should be spent doing spiritually productive things, praying for souls, the corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

I am sure there have been many thousands of sincere and holy confessions by true penitents. But there never was perfect one. We are not aware of all of our sins. It does not matter. God forgives us.

God wants you to be free from this terrible burden. You refuse to let it go.

You admit you are scrupulous. Ordinarily you should not be going to confession thrice in a single day.

Here’s some advice: Get a regular confessor. The next time you go to confession, tell Father, “I am scrupulous”. Then Father will give you advice. Follow his advice. Your conscience is like the navigation systems on an airplane. When you are scrupulous your spiritual navigation system is on the fritz, so you have to rely on the priest’s instructions, like the control tower’s instructions to navigate. Do what your confessor tells you to. If anything goes wrong, it’ll be on him, not you.

You have a problem, and until that problem is dealt with by telling your confessor you are scrupulous and submitting to his direction, it won’t get any better.

How about reading the Catechism ? You cannot “inadvertently” commit sin.
One must make a fully conscious choice. There are three requirements for mortal sin.
You met none of them. Your scruples are a symptom of something else.

This is bad advice to give to a scrupulous person.

Some people ought to go to confession a lot less often, even if they have to refrain as a form of penance.

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