Third George Washington Statue Vandalized, this time Baltimore MD

Second statue vandulalized was in Chicago

First statue was torn down in Portland Oregon

As a nearby resident in a surrounding county, I am willing to get more folks in Baltimore identify him as a slave owner than the first President, sadly.



At first it was, “We just want to get married and express our love same as you.” Now we have Drag Queen Story Hour and the Amazing Desmond.

At first it was, “We just want common-sense gun control.” Now we have politicians openly attempting disarmament.

At first it was, “We just want to take down statues of those CSA traitors, nobody is touching the Founding Fathers.”

Is the pattern clear yet?


If they are going to do it do it lawfully and not with the ugly vandalism.

So taking down the statue of a prominent American, one of our greatest is acceptable if we vote on it? That really is a sign of cultural decay, and politics is downstream of culture.

And the Brownshirt style tactics continue.

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No but this pulling them down and spray painting horrible things on them is just not right. I don’t want any taken down but I’m not out there and I’m not going out there to stop them.

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