Third-Grader Organizes Gay Marriage Rally

DENVER – A Denver third-grader will be front and center at the Colorado State Capitol Saturday pushing for same sex marriage in the state.

Ethan McNamee arranged the rally as an independent class project.

He was concerned about the issue after hearing about anti-gay remarks on the playground and then learning about a same sex couple in his neighborhood that couldn’t get married.

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A couple of commentors on the news site have said the kid is too young for this project - which is ironic, because if age is a limiting factor on freedom of expression, then that 12-year-old girl who spoke out against abortion is too young to give her opinion on abortion. What the commentors should have said is that the kid’s reason for homosexual marriage is flawed.

I have grade school kids, and they don’t even know what “gay” is…The kids parents are probably putting this in his head…12 years old is a world away from an 8 year old…

Good grief… … an 8 year old knows what the gay marriage issue is all about? uh., yeah right.

Geesh… go play soccer and leave the social commentary to adults.

I agree, the difference in development is quite large.

I think the boy is being used a puppet, probably by his parents. Its sad.

Unfortunately, these days you can say the thing to far too many adults. I know a lot of them whose intellectual and social development was arrested at about age 17.

He can probably get a good job in the Obama administration, then—he’ll be well-instructed in the type of people they need.

Hmmmm…what would te reaction be to an 8 year old organizing and anit-gay marriage ralley?

Probably that his hater bigoted parents were manipulating an innocent child who really was incapable of having ANY cogent thoughts on the matter and that they were using a surrogate to promote their hate.Sound about right?I’m sure that would be the skew that liberals and their media would put on it.

Or the child would be praised for having such a “well formed conscience” at such a young age.:slight_smile:

I hope your tongue is firmly planted in your cheek.:wink:

Yes and no…if the child were to state sentiments we whole heartedly agreed with…he has a “well formed conscience”…if he stated the position we find incorrect…he is simply being “used” and would be better of playing ball with his friends.

Let me rephrase that. I wonder what the reaction of the MEDIA would be if an 8 year old organized and anti-gay ralley.

He would be labeled a hate monger and racist. There would be no ‘tolerance’ for his rally…

How low can they go, use kids to push their agenda

Why can’t kids just be kids these days and focus on childhood things? A third grader shouldn’t be so politically involved that they want to host a gay marriage rally (and a 12 year old shouldn’t be talking about abortion). Leave the parental discussions to parents and let the child experience a full childhood. They’ll grow up soon enough.

This is more likely the kids politically liberal parents and not “GAY RIGHTS Activists” that are behind this. Personally I think his parents should have a long chat with him and a priest > I wonder if some social worker or court official or school authority will eventually charge his parents with emotional child abuse over this issue ? Time will tell but I have the feeling our liberal news media will NOT report the story fully as usual

Well, if a 8 year old child formed protests that were Pro-Life, or Anti-Gay marriage, I am willing to bet that most of the people in this forum, and chuch, would rally around the child so fast that would make all our heads spin. So we can’t say we wouldn’t act the same.

But, for that kid “Good for You,!!!” you are doing what you believe in instead of just waiting for someone else to do it. If only we had more people like you. So continue doing what you believe, and follow your heart.

Adults, don’t seem to know much about social commentary, since they still hadn’t done anything for any the issues. So kid, go kid go!!! Hopefully this will push the adults to do something, because you are the future.

Sorry, but even though the kid is doing something that I don’t believe him. He passed most of the adults by actually doing something he believes in. So, you have to admire that much about him.

One is consistent with the moral law and one is against. One is a corruption of a young person and one is not.

But, for that kid “Good for You,!!!” you are doing what you believe in instead of just waiting for someone else to do it. If only we had more people like you. So continue doing what you believe, and follow your heart.

This is relativism. What if “following your heart” leads to other things? Where is the line?

Well, the child is doing what they believe is right. There really isn’t something that can be more moral than that. It’s really more moral, than most of the people who just talk against gay-marriage. If you want to be more moral than that child you have to stand up against gay-marriage. At least thats the view in my eyes.

I care about it, but I have many other issues that make opposing gay-marriage a waste of time. In your eye’s it might be an important issue, but people place different values on different things.

Following what you believe in is part of life. Because it’s harder to be pushed into something when you only do what you believe is right. Compared to someone who just follows what they are told, becuase they are comperable to computers.

The problem is being sincere is not enough. I am sure people who hold racist views may be sincere. The child should receive proper moral formation, not be corrupted.

As for opposing such insanity that takes many forms depending on the person and the situation.

So people who just want to get married, are being compared to racists that want only their race to survive. Is it me or is this the mismatch of the century.

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