Third Named Witness Rejects Kavanaugh’s Accuser’s Allegations | National Review



Here are the source articles:

You will note that Keyser did not reject Dr. Ford’s allegations, but believes them. She simply does not remember the party in question, and that that lack of recollection was not unexpected.


Dr. Christine Ford claimed she was assaulted at a house party attended by four others. Since then, all four of these individuals have provided statements to the Senate Judiciary Committee denying any knowledge of the incident or even having attended such a party."


So, she’s not even a witness. What a moral victory.


By four other boys of which two were involved in the incident. Both have denied it. FWIW, one man said that he might be one of the other boys that Dr. Ford had in mind and but says that he was not. Ford did say that Keyser was there. Keyser supports her story but, not unexpectedly, has no recollection of that party event.


No she doesnt support the story. She believes Ford is telling the truth. She can remember any of the fact. But into days USA that is all it takes to prove guilt. No proof, just saying is proof enough.


So it must have happened! Why doubt her?


Correct, she’s not a witness.


Yes. Despite not personally remembering the party.


Why are you asking me? i have not made any conclusions about the incident.


And therefore in not in a position to “reject[ Ford’s] allegations”. Nor has she


Say it all you want, that doesn’t change the fact, she’s no witness. She is just someone with an opinion on it like you or me.


I agree. The point is that the National Review headline is plainly false.


So you dont have a problem if he is confirmed?


No it’s not, Keyser did reject the accuser’s allegations.


She did not. Please read the source articles.


Not only not a problem, but I am even conflicted on preference,


Ford is not credible.

Senator Feinstein is also not credible.

click here google you tube feinstein


Don’t believe the lies of the accuser. The DEmocrats are desperate because they know that Roe vs Wade will finally be overturned when a Pro-life Judge takes another seat in the SC


So she says she was at the party and heard Ford scream. Sorry, I missed it.

Please provide a link.

I think this kind of manner of being argumentative should be seen by all if one is actually calling the National Review headline false and saying Keyser heard or saw all of this. This is a semantical game and really should be seen for how ridiculous this is.

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