Third Order Secular Franciscans

I’m about to become a professed member of the Secular Franciscan Order and I would like to know if this life is a form of consecrated life similar to first and second order friars, monks and nuns. It seems like it would since the profession we take is a religious profession for life of the third order rule and we can also be buried in a Franciscan burial habit. It definitely feels like consecrated life at least to me. Thanks!

Are vows are not binding on penalty of sin (I think that’s how they word it :o) .

Also we are referred to as just Secular Franciscans now. NB: I like the old way better. :wink:

I can’t say…

However, we do have a lot of Friars on here.
Try sending a message to tawny, he’s a Third Order Franciscan and an active member here.

Even though we’re known as Secular Franciscans were still part of the third order but it’s the secular side not regular TOR…we are also known as Third Order Secular …

Correct, we are still considered Third Order & under the authority of Rome.

Tawny…would you consider the Secular Franciscans a form of consecrated life? Obviously there are differences between all three orders but I remember member Br. JR OSF on this form saying all three orders are considered a form of consecrated life…

Nope. That was the old title. I suspect that it may have been changed just to not confuse us with the TOR

We are considered that in theory, but no longer called that in practice.
We are under the authority of our National Minister who is under the International Minister which is under Rome.

Of course, all Catholics are under Rome;)

Luigi Danielle… so then you wouldn’t consider Secular Franciscans… Franciscan tertiaries? Even though Lay Dominicans, Carmelites, and Benedictines are considered tertiaries. You’re wrong about this since even a vowed monk that I know brother Casey Cole OFM even speaks in his video and says that Secular Franciscans are still part of the third order of Saint Francis alongside TOR but we’re seculars…

The Secular Franciscan Order Wikipedia has all the right information…

Every Local, Regional & the National Fraternities come under the authority of Rome. We are still considered a Third Order. You may want to discuss this with your local Fraternity Minister. This issue comes up at every Convivenza, both Regional & National.

I do. It’s just that they (we) are no longer called that. :wink:

Maybe, but we are no longer called that. That is all that I am saying.:wink:

Obviously as Catholics, we are all under the jurisdiction of the Holy Father. :slight_smile:

NB: I really, really wish that we were still called that.

Here is your answer (found for me by a user on FB-Ron P):

The letter of Blessed Pope Paul VI approving the Rule of 1978 states in part: “Having consulted with the Sacred Congregation for Religious and Secular Institutes, which has diligently examined and carefully evaluated the text, we approve and confirm with our apostolic authority and sanction the Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order, provided that it agrees with the copy in the archives of the Sacred Congregation for Religious and Secular Institutes, beginning with the words “The Franciscan Family” and ending with “according to the norms of the Constitutions.” By this Letter and our apostolic authority, we abrogate the previous Rule of what was formerly called the Franciscan Third Order.” from Seraphicus Patriarca on Blessed Pope Paul VI

Emphasis is mine.:slight_smile:

At the last Q, I attended, this came up. There is a discussion with Rome to change the name back to TOS (Third Order Secular). Hope it come to fruition, since we are Third Order. I truly dislike the use of the word “Secular”, when it come to the Fraternity. In todays’ world, “Secular” means “Godless”, & not really “In The World”.

Exactly!! Lou TOS, Third Order Franciscan. I like that. A lot.:cool:

I will have changed my signature 3 times in 20 years:eek: SFO then OFS then TOS.:eek:

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