Third Order Secular (Trad)

Just a general info question.
Article 59

If anyone is convinced that he or she has been wronged by a measure adopted, that person may appeal within three month to the council above the one that adopted the decision in question and, in successive cases, to further levels all the way up to the Presidency of the International Council of the SFO and, in the final instance, to the Holy See.

In reference to this article from the Constitution of the new Secular Franciscan Order, if a TOS member is in the situation addressed by this article, and since there is no International Council recognized under the old rite as such, what recourse(s) does the said individual have to appeal his case?. Is all that remains for him is an appeal to the Holy See?.

(FYI: the old rite (TOS) can obtain approval locally at the diocese level, albeit not in a canonical sense. Their authority stems from encyc. Ecclesia Dei Adflicta.)

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