Third orders and being divorced

Dear all, i apologise if this topic has been already discussed. I am quite disappointed and feel a bit rejected. I contacted one of the major third orders and explained that I was very interested in join but i was divorced -my wife choice- and that i never remarried as i am a practicing catholic. Few years later i met my partner and now we have a family; my kids are catholic. I was invited to join and no member of the group especially the leader told me anything; i attended for 7 months and after this when the moment arrived to join suddenly my divorced became a problem to stop me to profess.

I am not upset with the group- although i think this situation was dealt in a clumsy way; however i start to think that i cannot profess with any third orders and this sadden me



are you annuled

Making sure I’ve got this straight. You’re a divorcee who has a partner (didn’t specify same sex or opposite) with children born out of wedlock.

This is not “in good standing with the Church” which is a requirement before making third order promises. You’d need to speak with your parish priest to learn how to correct this. The process would probably be: Annulment then sacramental marriage in the church; then you’d be able to make profession as a third order member.

My proto-chapter many years ago encountered a similar situation, only the lady wasn’t as far along as you. She had just been received when she decided she was going to marry outside the church, but eventually sent her annulment in. She wasn’t able to go any further with us because of that. Now I’m in another state. Her second husband converted, from what I understand. He was a very good Christian man who was good to her kids. Yes, I’m happy for her and the family. Her ex finally realized he had done wrong and got help.

As Cloisters has stated; if you do not have an annulment of your first marriage & are with another; you are not considered a Catholic in good standing with the Church. A requirement for admittance to a Third a Order. You need to discuss your situation with a Priest.

I don’t think the divorce is the issue here, but not being married to your partner. I am sorry this was not explained to you in the beginning, but that makes you living outside of the Church and not eligible for any third order that I can think of.

The OP says he has a family now.

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