Third Orders'


Does one make a vow of poverty or celebacy if entering a Third Order vocation, and is single at the time of entering? Thank you.


If you mean a lay order, that is not a professed religious (Like the Third Order Regular of the Franciscans, then no you do not.

You do not take formal vows at all, in most of them. You do make a profession, but they are not the same thing as the kinds of vows that professed religious take.


OP are you asking about marriage after Profession in a Secular Order?

A person is free to marry, under the normal rules of the church.

If we are strictly speaking of the Secular 'Third Orders' (which is not a Franciscan usage, btw), we make Solemn Promises that does not incur the "same weight" as Solemn Vows, HOWEVER, that does not mean they are second class or less worthy, just different and suitable for our needs.

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The “Third Order Regulars” of the Franciscans are NOT a Secular Order.

They are, as their title states, a “Regular” Community of Priests and Brothers, in the Franciscan Order, who’s Charism is to work with the poor and disadvantaged.

I SERIOUSLY considered joining them at one period of time, while on active duty with the US Army


Lay Carmelites are permitted to make vows of Obedience and Chastity.
Obedience is given to your Carmelite Superior/s: Chastity, not to be mistaken with celebacy, is according to your station of life.
I think these vows are singular to Carmelites, but as a lay carmelite my knowlege is limited to Carmelite vows.


I’m unsure what the OP is asking and as such I framed the question from the Secular side. If nothing else, it’s great Catholic trivia. :slight_smile:

O. Medic – I would only slightly and respectfully clarify your above post on the TOR (Third Order Regular). The Friars are alway friars (or brothers), they are priests by ‘accident,’ who have been called by their communities to that position.


Thank you all for your responses. I see there is a difference between vows and “promises” and that has clarified a few things for me regarding these solemn promises, and ones’ state in life.

Thank you.


Please also consider the Oblates:)


Are you an Oblate? Once I saw Gemma Galgani my interest is spiked due to the fact I love her. She was involved in a deep conversion many years ago, a very Spiritual one. I have read her Biography by her confessor, and it appeared without formal vows she was a lay Passionist. Could you tell me a bit about this Benedictine Oblate “flavor”…please excuse for lack of a better word.

Thank you for your response.


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