Third Secret of Fatima and Smoke of Satan in the Catholic Church (Video & Podcast)


We track the prophecies of corruption in the Catholic Church beginning with the vision of Pope Leo XIII in 1884 (and St Michael’s Prayer) and move up through Our Lady of Fatima in 1917 and Our Lady of Akita in 1973. We also discuss Our Lady of Good Success.


Complete myth, debunked countless times. He literally never mentioned it in his life, and the accounts became progressively more hysterical over time. There’s literally no way in the world the concoction we hear today actually occurred. That said, he’s not the only pontiff there are weird stories circling around. I’ve heard something remarkably similar about Pius X. They’re pious myths about doubtless holy men adopted by groups with agenda. A reference to this so-called ‘vision’ pretty much discredits most sources to me. God Bless!


Now Taylor Marshall is moving to the extreme side??? What is happening with the orthodox Catholics in media! I was just reading two of his books the other day!


The Francis Effect™


For many, they are seeing what is taking place in the Church and decided a line was crossed.

Keep in mind, people like Taylor Marshall for example have not changed their perspective on theology even slightly. They are the same old Catholics they were. Their position on morality hasn’t even changed – however, they are under the opinion that those in the hierarchy are abandoning their moral positions.

He isn’t switching sides – he is now speaking out against the higher-ranking bishops because at this point, it’s clear many of them have caused scandal.

Remember, this is not the bishops’ Church – it is Christ’s Church, whether the bishops are acting obediently or not.


Yep. Leo XIII did not compose (or have composed) the St. Michael prayer based on a vision, but as a response to the continued occupation of Rome by the king of Italy.


Precisely. The accounts became progressively more hysterical as people sought justification for the decline in the Church, and certain radicals who thought Vatican II had ‘destroyed’ the Church, as some accounts read.


I watched it on Dr. Marshall’s youtube channel a few nights ago. I found it very tempered and informative. I respect Dr. Marshall a great deal and have learned a lot from him. I’ve been subscribed to his channel for at least two years. He has had this guest on before, and he is always interesting and well informed.

I also highly recommend other videos on Dr. Marshall’s channel.


I’m from Europe and I think you need to take it easy on some of your opinions about what’s going on in this continent for the simple reason that you’re not as right as you think you are.


Who’s Taylor Marshall? Never heard of him…

I have read the popes and the Portuguese bishops commenting on Fátima authoritatively, and so too many many good foreign catholic clergy.

And there have also been many scare mongers trying to twist the message of Fátima any way they saw fit. Fact is, the third secret was only revealed in 2000 giving a good 83 years for all kinds of speculation, and that speculation continues to this day.


What does this have to do with traditional catholicism?


Now I’m disappointed. For real? I believed this legend for the longest time. I have heard it from what I thought were good sources too.


See posts four to seven on this thread. Your eyes will be opened:

Satan's Century

Wait - is this the quote from Luther, Calvin, or Henry 8?


Um…was there a secret election I didn’t hear about where he was chosen for this high position? Who, if anyone, monitors or critiques Taylor Marshall? This is for the National Enquirer generation of Catholics.


No matter. The St. Michael Prayer is still a very good and powerful prayer, and even if Pope Leo did not see a vision, I am sure he was WELL aware that the Devil was seeking to destroy the Church. Other visionaries, including saints, have seen such visions and described them.


I agree. I was quite disappointed when I saw this thread yesterday though as I’d been adhering to the legend for ten years.


Even if the contents of the vision of Pope Leo XIII are fake, there’s no doubt that Satan has been having a field day in the Church.


That doesn’t make any sense.


So am I and what I see of Europe is an attack from all sides on Christianity. With the exception a few countries, Europe is an anti-Christian society where evil acts amd immoral behaviour is promoted as good and where Christian values are deemed as extreme.

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