Third secret

Hello does anyone know what the third secret is??? Also what does the Catholic Church teach on the second comming. I am positive there is no “rapture” but what is the Catholic teaching on this subject. Father Corapi says we are living in the time of Fatima. Are we? I know we need to work on our salvation everyday and all… But sometimes it is, i don’t know the word, but it is serious fun to ponder questions like these. Please help me this to you may be a simple question, But in the south it is hard to not hear about the rapture and stuff like that, My friend’s church just focuses on that and only that to the point of being twisted. THanks for any answers to my questions. God bless you all Tom

The third secret can be found on the Vatican web site.

And right here in the Catholic Answers library is a tract on the Rapture. Here is the link.

I am not sure what exactly was the context for Fr. Corapi’s “living in the time of Fatima” except that Our Lady’s message of penance and prayer is certainly something we need to do. Faithfully. Daily. Fervently.

God bless.

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