Thirty days to Iowa: Candidates make final sprint


Presidential candidates are in an all-out sprint in Iowa with the caucuses only 30 days away.

Campaigns are sharpening their attacks, doubling down on time and resources spent in the state, and placing their final bets on the ad buys and infrastructure they hope will bolster their get-out-the-vote efforts.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton holds a substantial lead in the polls, though Democrats are warning the front-runner against complacency. They point to the enthusiasm gap she faces against Bernie Sanders, who will be looking to marshal his substantial grassroots support in a state that sent Clinton’s 2008 hopes into a tailspin.


As an Iowan, I can’t WAIT for the caucuses to be over. We’ve been flooded with ads and robo-calls and “quick surveys!” since last summer. I’m sick of phone calls at every meal and through the weekends. We should get a break until everything gears up again next summer for the Nov. election.

I hate election years. I want no-call lists for election calls too!!!


I voted Trump, but I honestly want it to be Rubio.




An unexpected side effect of living in Iowa. :ouch:


I’m hoping Cruz wins the Caucuses and the election!


Trump close over Cruz.


I like him more than Trump, but he’s too Tea Party for me. Time will tell.:shrug:


I, too, think it will be very, very close.


this is what I believe too. very close.


If Ted doesn’t win Iowa, the entire nomination process will be over, thanks to the GOP establishment setting up early winner-take-all primaries to bludgeon challengers who might have had a chance to continue to compete in the past. Of course, this all backfired with the advent of Trump and the utter demise of the establishment favorites. :rolleyes:


Santorum banking on Iowa Come back


Even if Cruz doesn’t win Iowa, I think a lot can happen between now and the nomination, but then I’m not politically astute.:blush:


Sorry Rick, as one of your ardent 2012 supporters, it ain’t happening this year. :shrug:


:nope: I seriously doubt he has a chance.


Cruz isn’t my favorite, but I predicted that he will win Iowa. All caucuses are dominated by whoever has the most devotees willing to go to them. I suspect that will be Cruz.


Totally agree.


I have to agree with Donald Trump here: How can Cruz even run since he was not born in the US? Granted, I know little about Constitutional Law, but like Trump, I was taught that the president of the US had to be born in the US. I guess it’s a matter of interpretation: What is a “natural born citizen?” If Cruz wins the nomination, I see Trump asking the Supreme Court to interpret that. Is it someone born in the US, which, like Trump, I’ve always assumed it to be, or can it be a naturalized citizen born in another country, which is the case with Cruz?


Cruz is not a naturalized citizen. A naturalized citizen is someone who was not a citizen at birth, but became a citizen later in life through the naturalization process. Cruz was born a citizen. The issue is whether being born a citizen makes you a “natural born citizen.” I think it does, and so do most legal scholars, but there are some who disagree. They maintain there are some folks who are citizens from birth, but are still not “natural born.” That is the issue.


But he was born in Canada and didn’t give up his Canadian citizenship until 18-19 months ago. How does that make him a US citizen at birth? Were his parents US citizens?

Edit: I see. His mother was American, so he was American from birth. Thank you!

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