This 6th century saint founded a monastery in Holyhead, Anglesey

St Cybi

Celebrated on November 8th

This 6th century saint founded a monastery in Holyhead, Anglesey. Together with his friend Seiriol, St Cybi is regarded as the most important saint from the island. There are numerous dedications to Cybi throughout Wales and in Cornwall too - including a well at Llangybi near Gwynedd and a half-ruined beehive cell. St Cybi’s well is still used for baptism and healing to this day.

A dedication at Llangiby on Usk describes him as a Cornish saint who travelled by river and sea and lived as a hermit.

According to his Life, written in the 13th century, he made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem where he stayed with St Hilary. Later he was made bishop and travelled to Ireland via Meneva, before settling in Anglesey. The Welsh prince Maegwn Gwnedd of Cunedda is said to have given him the site for his monastery. The remains on Anglesley are quite unusual, being a Christian church built within the enclosure of a Roman fort, probably a coastguard station.
(from ICN)


St. Cybi, pray for us!


He is known as St Cuby in Cornwall. There is a church dedicated to him at Tregony near Truro.

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