This amazing remote-controlled contraceptive microchip you implant under your


Forgive me if this has been discussed before.
I find this frightening. I’m sure some here will think it’s good news.
I’m already seeing the possibilities of abuse…Humana Vitae was right.


Considering that through technology, the government knows everything about you at any given moment, why would anyone wonder that this wasn’t inevitable?


I’m just thinking that there are governments that could insist all their citizens get one of these and then control when and whether they conceive a child. I don’t find that so far-fetched.


I wonder what a 10 year dose of hormones all at once would do to someone.


It is still messing with hormones in women and that still causes problems.


What about the environment?
For all of the complaints about ruining our delicate ecosystems with excess greenhouse gases and plastics pollution, no one seems to mention how all of those hormonal compounds are wreaking havoc on the health of wildlife. Medical treatment is one thing but sustaining a hedonistic culture is another and it’s causing damage to the environment most activists pretend to care about. Selfish carnal desires trump the environment.


I wonder what neuroses this will trigger.


One word: CANCER


They’re affecting us!!! People are having more bizarre issues everyday…


Has anyone else noticed this article is 4 years old? I believe the technology was originally developed to deliver insulin. It probably has all sorts of applications.

Nothing intrinsically evil about a new drug delivery system.


I was thinking it could help our ADHD children have better lives??? A different delivery system?


The article itself states that there are various medications that could potentially be delivered this way. But the article also uses a lot of aspirational language; not everything described in it is a capability.


I know people who used to work for that company. The technology is amazing, but the human body is a wild environment to manage. It does a lot of unpredictable things. They were having all sorts of trouble trying to figure out how to prevent the immune system from encapsulating the chips to seal them off.


Maybe, but it has to be a small molecule to work.


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