This CEO is democratically elected — his staff get the chance to fire him once every year


Interesting concept, albeit strange and probably a disaster in the making.


No stranger than shareholders electing the CEO


But this is about employees electing the CEO.


But the shareholders have skin in the game.


And the employees don’t?


Shareholders elect the CEO. If the employees are shareholders it makes sense.


As I said, it’s an interesting concept. We elect political officials into office because the people should have a say on who is running the country/state/city and the laws that are being made, etc.

But should employees really start electing their bosses and CEOs? An argument could possibly be made, but idk.


They do if they are shareholders. If not, no.


I would say they have some skin in the game, after all, if a company is going bankrupt, many employees try to leave before the company closes. Their economic fortune is tied to some extent to the economic health of the company. Does that mean they necessarily should vote on who their bosses are? In this case, if that is what this company wants to do there is nothing wrong with that. However, I would not start a business if my employees could vote me out of office as the boss. They can vote me out of office by leaving though.


There is no company, no production, without the employees. They most certainly do have “skin in the game.”


In many corporations, the U.S. employees could be easily outvoted by overseas employees.


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