This Corapi Fellow: When, Who, and What?

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Not sure what all the details are that happened. I do not know if he is innocent or guilty. The last I heard he was living in seclusion but I am not even sure if that is true but when he was an active priests he was very influential in my return to the Church.

A few videos of Fr Corapi on You Tube. They’ll give you an idea of what he’s like.

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The agreement he had wasn’t with the then head of SOLT. It was with the man who started SOLT. He had promised Fr Corapi that he could keep his home and didn’t have a problem with Fr traveling and giving talks like those on You Tube.

The then head of SOLT is the one who declared Fr Corapi unfit for priesthood after all the rumors started and after Fr refused to give up his home and move in with his fellow priests.

Church Militant claims he is still in the priesthood. I personally don’t know whether to believe them or not.

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