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I found a parish with a charismatic meeting every wednesday night that is about 30 miles away. I will soon try and get her to attend one of the meetings with me. The charismatic movement isn’t really my cup of tea either, but I firmly believe in the charismatic gifts, and keep trying to drill into her that the pope does too, lol.


I am a charismatic. Please let your wife know we are here for her!

I discovered I was actually well fed as a charismatic in regular Mass. My charismatic side is during my prayer life, journaling, and music. I don’t attend separate meetings for it, but my mom, who is trying to discover her charism, does.

John Paul The Great gave us an enormous shot in the arm! Nobody looks at me weird when I hold hands with my guardian angel anymore.


I will pray for you both too, and have you seen this site?

it is Marcus Grodi from EWTN (eternal word television network) You can also watch it on your computer at

His show is the “coming home network”, about a lot of people from different denominations coming “home”,and it just so happens that a Pentacostal couple is going to be on his show (I believe this coming Sunday, if I’m not mistaken).
I am sure it will say on his site. God bless you both.


I am well aware of Marcus Grodi. Along with Dr. Scott Hahn, John Martignoni(, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, and St. Pio, he was instrumental in me coming into the Church.

Again, thank you all for your prayers.


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