This guy attacks Catholics


It’s a farily long article but it gets me mad. He basically teaches that Catholics are wrong about everything… I hope that i can get a few answers as to how this guy is wrong. After all basically everything he says is very shallow.


Frankie-- I read the first few paragraphs, I would suggest you just ignore him because he is as wrong as a wrong person from wrong town wearing the wrong trousers on the wrong day could possibly be-- even wronger!!
The thing is, even the great Protestant theologians don’t argue like these ignorant berks. They respect the Catholic Church.

I get upset just seeing them use the Scripture the way they do-- do you know Tertullian thought non Catholics shouldn’t even be allowed read the Scripture?

There is so much hate in these people!


Looks like he attacks Protestants, too.


Yes indeed. He is a double predestined type. If God predestined people to hell, then I…


Looks like it’s business as usual. Nothing new or original.

There are threads all over this forum and articles all over that refute these claims.



Hi Peter! This got me thinking: I wonder why folks who subscribe to this theory seem always to assume that they are among the elect and not among the reprobate.




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