This hour has 22 minutes is anti-Catholic

Don’t watch it.

Why would you post a link to something you say is anti-Catholic and then say, “Don’t watch it”? If you didn’t want anyone to watch anti-Catholic commentary, you would not have posted it.

How so?

I haven’t seen the show in years, but I know a few of the comedians that were or are still on the show are from here. They’ve been doing something similar for years. Starting I think with Codco. When I was younger, I loved the show. Codco that is. Didn’t really understand the show, but it was popular amongst older people, so it had to be cool for a younger kid to watch it. I’d sneak up at night to watch it. I think the majority of my reasoning was it was strange to see someone from here on a television show that wasn’t a news reporter.

I don’t condone anything on either show of course. I know I did find some skits funny before. Some of Rick Mercer’s stuff was pretty funny. But as I said, I haven’t seen it in years. In fact, I hardly watch local television at all anymore. Or any at all for that matter. Republic of Doyle seems to be our newest hit.

I’m just curious though, was there something specifically on it that made you make this post? I’m sure there could be a bunch of little things or whatever … just curious.

They’ve often made me cringe but any comment they have had has been a reaction to the stuff that’s in the media all the time. Do they sometimes take cheap shots? Yes, usually to do with the sexual abuse that has happened on a large scale in this province with only a half million population.

I’m still going to watch, I don’t consider them any more anti-Catholic than any other comedians.

I am in agreement. Even though I might not watch hehe simply because I’ve never been one for political shows. I’m much happier with food tv. But from what I could remember, there wasn’t especially stand outish that would make me think AHH! it was nothing I hadn’t heard on the news or in the papers at the time. :shrug:

I agree, it’s a pretty good show. Although, I have to say that it’s gone downhill for the past several years (similar to Air Farce in it’s last years, especially after John Morgan left).

I think the problem is that some people don’t understand or don’t like satire. I like it, and sometimes it funny and sometimes it’s stupid and sometimes it’s all groaners. That’s the nature of the genre.

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