This Is A Great Forum!


I have been on some forums and this is the best and fairest one there is. I know my friend Jim went to the Baptist forum and they asked him his religion (he went to defend the Catholic faith), and the screen went blank. They wouldn’t allow him in. Needless to say he lied and said he was Baptist out of curiosity, and the next question was “How do you think you’ll get to Heaven?” And he had to say “By the blood of Jesus Christ” and they let him in.
Now, he has gone to pennance for lying (so don’t argue with me about that), but the point in being is he hated it and when they found out his religion, they banned him for life. It actually said “For life”. Some religions are afraid to speak outside their doors. This Forum is great!! :smiley:


This Presbyterian-Methodist likes it also:)


Yes, Catholic Answers is very nice. I am sure our mods and admins are grateful for things like this; it certainly helps when you see positive feedback. :thumbsup:


Even with your baptism of fire from yours truly? I am glad you don’t seem to hold a grudge!


Even with;) As The Man said "Their is no Glory like a nice knock-down argument!"


Wow, with the promises of Jesus regarding being born of water and spirit, your friend is banned from that web-site for … for eternity!!! :slight_smile:


I am a Catholic, but I have family members and friends who are Methodist and Lutheran. I enjoy discussing things with people of other faiths in a charitable manner. In the long run, there are certain things that we may disagree on, but there are more things that we actually have in common. You are my brothers and sisters in Christ, and I respect you. :love:


would like to add that the people on this forum, especially of Catholic faith are so knowledgeable, they can back up everything with facts quickly and politely. I am so happy I am a Christian :smiley:



Greaaaaaaaaaat Forum

I extend my deep hearted thanks not only to fellow catholics and non-catholics, but in addition to Moslems, aethiests and agnostics. :thumbsup:

You are collectively what makes this forum the special place that it is. :thumbsup:

Deo Gratias


Dittto Hindu, Jews, Buddhists, New Age, Pagan, advocates of the Da Vinci Code Hoax, the Holy Grail Hoax, Communists and any one else I have forgotten to mention.

Thank you for the many hours of entertainment and the fellowship I have had.

Not least, a BIG THANKYOU to the forum administrators and those who run the forum

God bless you all :thumbsup:


…Authodox, Copts and Protestants :thumbsup:

Even the SDA and JW’s


I am learning so much whenever I log in!! Its great hearing sooooo many different perspectives being brought together and seeing what kind of consensus everyone comes up with…if not, cheers to some great debates!!

Peace be with u all,

Regis University Student

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