This is a HOOT!


The following take on Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schorri is offered by Amy Wellborn. Read it and then follow the links provided to where one can buy the coffee mug depicted:

The mug has pictures (I think, I can’t see it that well) of Flannery O’Connor, Cardinal Newman, GK Chesterton, and other Catholic luminaries over the following:

“Help us Kait Shoree, wee r Catliks.”

I followed the link and you can buy T-Shirts, steins, buttons, and magnets with the same thing on them. I’m going to buy the little refridgerator magnet and I’m going to mail it to The Most Rev. Katherine Jefferts Schorri, Presiding Bishop and Primate of the Episcopal Church, USA, with the following note:

"Deer Preesideeng bishup:

Puleeze ecscuse my spellin. I yused to spell beter wen I wuz a Episscopalyian, butt then I terned catlik. I hope u lik this here magnet what I got fer u to thank u fer the ours ov intertaniment that I get lissening to yer entervuws. They is a stitch! Thanx sew much.

John Kirk
Las Vegas, Nevada

What do you think? Any other suggestions? The magnets only 4 bucks.


Ahh! Leave it to Amy Welbourne to do it best! Haven’t read her link, but will do right after I post this:

I swear (honest!) when I first read that interview w/ Schorri, I turned to my husband & said, “Man, I would love to write a letter to the editor in response that says…oh, I don’t know! But you know what I mean, right?”

And my husband wryly turned to me & said, “Well, of course you don’t know what to write…you’re Catholic!”:rotfl:


I think we should all write her mispelled notes and sign them with our names and “catlick” underneath.

I just bought the magnet, one for me and one for her.



I guess this can be read charitably as a creative way to spin the Episcopal Church’s dwindling ranks: “Our denomination is shrinking because we’re better educated than those baby-crazy Catholics and Mormons! In fact, God wants us to shrink – it’s called stewardship!”

God or Darwin?


Shameless bump.


Well worth it…It would be even more funny if someone approached her wearing one of those shirts (and even better if someone got a picture of the event :)).


I put that in my AIM profile immediately. I also ordered one of those shirts for a friend as a last minute Christmas gift. Classic!


Does Katherine Jefferts Schori still live in Henderson? I live in Henderson and would love to bump into her and personally hand her the mug. :smiley:


No, though she may have. She’s the former bishop of Nevada.(where the number of Epsicopalians statewide is less that the typical Sunday’s mass attendance at my parish church). Now she lives in New York City.

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