'This is a swamp Cabinet': Sen. Chuck Schumer slams Trump's administration picks


Not sure if Business Insider passes mustard with CAF as a news source. But in the news today, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer slammed President-elect Donald Trump’s nominees for his incoming administration on Wednesday.

“This is a swamp Cabinet full of bankers of billionaires,” Schumer told a crowd of reporters on Capitol Hill, referencing Trump’s campaign promise to “drain the swamp” in Washington. “Many of them have hard-right views, some of which directly contradict promises that the president-elect campaigned on.”



I am shocked, Chucky doesn’t like Trump’s picks. Who’d thunk it.


I think the point was not that “Chucky” doesn’t like “Donny’s” picks. But rather Sen Schumer’s point was that in his view and in the view of many others, the billionaires chosen do not reflect President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign theme to “drain the swamp”.


The biggest step towards “draining the swamp” was defeating HRC!


You do realize that he won - you are going to have to make substantive arguments now on the basis of his actions, instead of simply comparing anything he does against Hillary?


He spoke of draining the swamp, and this was the first step.


I would propose appointing outsiders of the Beltway would be partially, draining the swamp.

The term, draining the swamp was mostly describing a reduction of lobbyists and their influence. (Not that I believe this can be accomplished in the United States.)


See, e.g.:



And your point?


Or he can claim “we inherited a mess from the previous administration.” :stuck_out_tongue:


Schumer is also the rabid partisan who said that Dems would work with Trump… only if he moves in the Dems direction and abandons Republicans. Would anyone really expect him to say other than what he said about the cabinet picks?


How long is the shelf life on this one? Obama got 8 years out of it! :smiley:


He could but at least 8 yrs ago, the new President was truly inheriting poorer economic conditions by many measures. Not that things are utopia today. Of course not. But not quite the mess left by the last Republican President. Not as much as the spin from the Republican side at least.


That the swamp is being filled even higher (or is the right word deeper?).


IMO, the definition I provided is most accurate. If that’s the case, you are incorrect. The swamp will remain the same.


Exactly!Hardly newsworthy IMO:rolleyes:


The phrase “drain the swamp” is a play on words.

  1. “swamp” comes from the Foggy Bottom neighborhood in DC which literally used to be a swamp when DC was founded. Today, many government agencies have offices in Foggy Bottom.

  2. so drain the swamp refers to getting rid of existing burocrats

  3. “drain the swamp” also refers to the burocrats who are beholden to special interests. Beholden to special interests means that they are relying on the special interests for kickbacks or future non-governmental jobs.

  4. a Billionaire, who places all or a majority of his assets in a blind trust and transacts ethically is NOT beholden to special interests because a billionaire isn’t taking a government job for the money. Nor, in theory, would a billionaire be seeking federal office for future business ventures.

So Trumps picks do drain the swamp in more ways than one.

NOTE: if a billionaire happens to agree with a lobbyists, that is not the same thing as beholden to special interests. Beholden to special interests means that you do what the special interests say when you are personally against it purely for financial or career reasons. Billionaires are theoretically above that because it’s hard for special interests to hold finance or career motives over their heads.

God Bless




And Bush slammed Clinton. And the appropriate supporters said how unfair it was to blame the other guy. The more things change, the more they stay the same.


In this case this would be true!

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