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This Is Beautiful Kathryn Jean Lopez]

from Brit Hume, via Christianity Today:
I grew up in a Christian family and I went nine years to an Episcopal boys school. I’ve always been, at least on paper, a Christian. It wasn’t until my son died 11 years ago that I began to get serious about it. His death was devastating. I was shattered. Yet through all of that, I had this feeling that God would save me, that he would be there for me, that I was in his hands, and that I was going to be okay. It really happened.
There’s also this exchange from the interview:
Some people might say, "What about Christians like Ted Haggard or Mark Sanford?"
I don’t think I would blame Christianity for the failings of people like that. Christianity is the right religion for people like that. Christianity is a religion for sinners. Christianity is not about the salvation of perfect people. Christianity is a way for people who are not perfect to be saved. What Mark Sanford needs is not less Christianity. He needs more of it.
What he did was thoroughly human. He was thinking about the people involved in the news. As he explains:
I was kind of hoping that in some way word of it might reach Tiger. I was hoping that people who were of faith might receive some encouragement from the message. You never know.
Such refreshing Sunday-morning commentary, if you ask me!
Brit Hume gets it. And is witnessing to it. And that’s why he’s under fire.

01/07 04:22 PM

Brit Hume is one of my favorite commentators and news personalities. He calls it likes he sees it, but with a loving, matter-of-fact tone.

I agree rlg94086. I am rapidly becoming a huge Hume fan. I do find it interesting and ironic that news commentators every day give political and sports leaders advice on how to handle their lives and noone bats an eye. On ESPN and CNN commentators are regularly saying things like “X ought to apologize, Y ought to argue this, etc…” but when advice is honestly given and provides a way to really improve one’s life, not just handle the press, some commentors (generally radicals like Olbermann) suddenly see a conflict. :rolleyes:

When Brit retired from the nightly news program, someone asked him what he was going to do with his free time and one of the things he said was that he was going to study the Bible in depth. That says a lot about him to me.

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