This is embarrassing ladies any help?

Hello im a 26 yr old mother of four ive had very large babies all naturally and ive been hemorhaging for 3 days i am not post partum my youngest is 18 months im bleeding so bad i cant leave my house and yesterday i fainted. My husband rushed me to a clinic and the doctor is suggesting a hysterectomy i dont want one im far too young and want more children, he gave me another option i dont like which is hormonal bc im debating just living with the hemmorageing its only 7 days a month i could maybe survive if i keep my iron up right? I know that birth control is deeply disordered and intristically evil so i dont want to do it and hysterectomy is forever any one else survive severe bleeding like this without bc or medical intervention? Ive been bleeding like this for 5 momths by the way everytime i end up half dead by the end of my period

Birth control pills to keep from having babies is a sin. Birth control pills to keep from getting anemic is just medicine. Don’t worry about it.

Also, I had about two weeks of bleeding about a month after a miscarriage (I forget the timing, but it wasn’t a continuation of the miscarriage). By the time I saw my doctor, I was GREEN with anemia and had been unable to get back to bed after going to the bathroom–I couldn’t get up from the floor. My doctor put me on BCP to “reset” me. The good news is that I was back to normal pretty fast. The bad news is that the BCP put me into a depressive spiral, so I had to quit my course early.

So, 1) it isn’t wrong 2) it’s not necessarily a life-long commitment 3) it will buy you time so you don’t have to do anything permanent right away 4) watch out for side effects, because they can be a doozy.

You can talk to the National Catholic Bioethics Center for more expert advice.

Try the hormonal treatment to get your body back in sync before going straight for hysterectomy if possible. A number of people that I know who opted for hysterectomy have regretted not trying to preserve their reproductive system for their overall wellbeing.

I’m reluctant to believe that such a large degree of bleeding can be solved with hormones, so I think I would get another opinion. However, using the pill for medical reasons is not the same as using it as birth control. You are not sinning if you use it for that reason.

I’m no doctor but have had a lot of female disorders and it sounds to me like you have a bleeding fibroid. Have you had a sonogram? That would be relatively common and might be fixed w/o surgery (sometimes). I was able to preserve my fertility and had all my children after such an event.

Going straight to hysterectomy for a 26 year old woman for me is a signal to go straight to some other physician.

Surgery should be the last option, especially one so dractic. In my case I ignored my doctors and went for a second opinion. My doctors had been dosing me with too much iron, hence why my body was trying to get rid if it. I went back to normal in a few cycles.

Bleeding so much that you faint is definitely a severe problem, and you shouldn’t even try to just put up with it. But I’d definitely want to get a second opinion.

As others have said, there’d be nothing wrong with taking the hormonal treatment to stop this bleeding.

What a shame this is happening! I would try the pills, as others mentioned, for a medical purpose it is all right to use them. Someone I know had a similar problem and after adjusting the dosage, it worked in 4 months (I forget why she stopped using them early).

I would definitely try anything before a hysterectomy! So many doctors think women want to stop after X number of babies… so sad :frowning:

These cases need sometimes to be judged on a case by case basis. There is a Father Sherpa online in this forum. Perhaps you should consult him. The problem with BCP in your case is if you engage in relations with your husband. Many of the BCP are in practise abortafacients. There is a moral consideration notwithstanding your very real medical problems. My guess would be that abstinence is required during the time you take the BCP. You must be exhausted having four children AND this medical problem - I wish you the best

Try a second opinion. There are many methods to stop heavy bleeding. Please don’t be afraid of offending the doctor. It’s ok to be double sure.:thumbsup:

This is a standard moral theology problem–abstinence is not required.

There’s only so much time available to take action if her symptoms are so severe.

Do what the doctors tell you to save your life. You need to be there to raise your children.

I would get at least 2 more opinions, if not 3. See what they all say and compare.

If the choice really is hysterectomy vs birth control, I would take the pills. You could still have more kids then, I would assume. Just miss a few doses, or take them at alternating times of the day. I don’t know, just guessing.

I’m a man and know little about this stuff.

OP, work with your doctors and the National Catholic Bioethics Center people.

Pretty much this

I had to have a total hysterectemy when I was 28 years old that saved my life when I had symptoms such as yours not trying to scare you but the doctor probably knows what he is doing and at least you got the chance to have a couple of children I have never been married and have no children.

Well I don’t regret the hysterectomy I had when I was 28 because it saved my life My reproductive system that was in the second stage of ovarian cancer was doing nothing for my well being by the way I have been cancer free for 21 years.

Oh of course if the problems are caused by cancer that is a different story. Please God they are not.

Can you give me a quotation of principle then to support artificial birth control in this instance? Whilst it would be ok to use ABC if one were single to resolve an issue of irregular cycles or heavy bleeding - treating the same condition in marriage presents a different context. I would appreciate a quotation from a reputable source.

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