‘This is for all the kids!’ he yelled as he choked a priest at the altar, Catholic officials say


"But then he felt the hands. They tightened around his neck from behind, according to Merrillville Police Chief Joseph Petruch. And then, the attacker threw the 64-year-old priest onto the ground and “immediately starting slamming his head against the floor,” Petruch told CBS Chicago.

Distinctly, Petruch said, before Hutsko blacked out, he remembered hearing: “This is for all the little kids.” (From a report on this event in the “Ottawa Citizen” titled ‘This is for all the little kids’: Indiana priest’s head repeatedly slammed to the floor by unknown man in alleged hate crime."

The priest has never been accused of abusing children.


This is so sad.Because of the evil actions of a small percentage of priests,so many good and holy priests have to bear the brunt of those evil actions.:pensive:

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