This is me on youtube!

Check this out


Why is it sick? It was very nice.

Brenda V.

Someone agrees w/ me.

What’s that supposed to mean?

That was excellent! :clapping: You have real talent, thanks for sharing - God Bless you! :yup:

Thank you. :smiley:

Ah Bones!!! I fell in love! You are soooooo good! How much violin did you take? I took 4 years and played first violin. God bless you!:thumbsup:

I’ve been at it since I was 7. :wink:

I sent it to quite a few friends! and 2 priests to boot! I said you may just become a priest yet!:smiley:

sick = (sounds) awesome

and i agree! that was amazing :thumbsup:

Hi there Bones

very good:thumbsup:

That was really great!

Now I want to see one of you playing the orange blossom special. . .

Ok. I’ll see if I can get the music :thumbsup:

Well I’m no Vivaldi. :wink:

Very nice!

I absolutely loved it! Wonderful!
Thanks for allowing us to watch and listen.
God Bless You!

I’m not even a great fan of the violin, but that was really beautiful. Congrats on your wonderful talent!

‘Sick’ means it’s awesome, not something derogatory.

Nice playing Bones. I saw this comment in there and laughed, one of your friends I presume

“wow u r good. and i go to actually hang out with u. that is coolio”

Well done…concerto on dude!

Do you like Charlie Daniels or Doug Kershaw? Their music is obviously a little more down home and different from your favored genre but you might enjoy them anyway.

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