This is me on youtube!

He means “wicked sick” as in awesome, you know its the term of the metal heads these days, or something. Very nice!

Me about 50 years ago playing a little thing by Paganini :stuck_out_tongue:

Phil P

Bones, I played the YouTube video while sitting on my couch with my laptop.

It woke up my cat!!! And…I do believe the cat love it!

Thank God for your wonderful talent. I always only wished I could do such a thing.


I will have to check it out when I get home. BTW. I have the complete Bruch Violin Concertos to compare it to :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Whatever. :wink: Are you a violinist too?! :slight_smile:

As someone who plays, the guitar, keyboard, Accordion, Harmonica and am trying to play the tin whistle, :shrug: I’d say you know your way up and down the scale on that violin.

I didn’t hear any out of tune notes, but I didn’t listen to it all, but I like Classical music and you did a good job, and I know how hard it is to play to an audience.

I had a violin but I gave it to my gran-daughter, I have enough on my plate with the others, plus I’m left-handed and hate having to string things the opposite way.

Well I’m ambidextrous but which ever hand feels the most natural I use.

But good job.

It was posted on the Mudgie Thread!:mad:

Absolutely no musical talent other than being a Bass/Baritone with a half decent voice.

Being a fan of classical music, I am glad to see when youger people take up and keep up with instruments like the violin. When I lived in the Philadelphia area, the parish I belonged to had a youth group that played at Mass. You would expect guitars and drums. Nope. There was a guitar, but also a violin (i believe a couple a one point), cello, flute, and clarinet.


Well I’m almost 30 does that count as young? :smiley:

Mudgie thread?

Mudgie is short for Curmudgeon. Here’s their thread.

Jack Benny you are NOT!

And sick can be a compliment, and I can’t imagine it being anything but in this case.:thumbsup:

? who is jack benny? :confused:

bones! I now have a face to put with your font. Thanks!

Surely not?

Makin me feel my age, whippersnapper!


R u comparring me to Jack Benny? :ehh:

Actually Jack Benny was an excellent violinist. He just played that way on the show for the comedy aspect. Actually, to play that way consistantly, you have to be good.

To me, yes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m my own worst critic. :slight_smile:

[SIGN]Does that mean you are over 30?:eek: :mad: -]/-][/SIGN]

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