This is my first post here please help me

the priest is suppose to give me a blessing or anointing of the sick tomorrow morning since I cant go to my usual type of churches
I have never gotten this at a catholic church and are not sure what to expect

its for my major surgery coming up soon I go to talk to the doctor about the surgery on Monday

I spent hour in a Catholic chat room
I went in there to figure out what to expect tomorrow when I get the sacrament Anointing of the Sick

I ended up trying to explain to them why I cant join any church and how I have tried to get intuch with the bishop so I can take the Eucharist without having to become catholic

I was in a class where he said himself that it sometimes can be allowed to happen

I am going to a catholic church cause the other churches I was going to wouldn’t deal with a tourttets like cussing disorder I have

so I cant go to my usually church cant join a Catholic church and have a brain tumor that is slowly killing me

surely that is a rare enough situation for me to be able after nearly 1 year of going to a catholic church it seems to take the Eucharist

Dear Kathryn,

don’t be afraid. Tell the priest all your concerns, and how you are feeling. Leave it up to him, and most of all to God.

May God bless you and give you healing,


Good advice.Do tell the Priest all your concerns.This Sacrament is administered by the Priest who will anoint you with oil and pray for your healing.I will keep you in praying.May our Lord Jesus be with you and comfort you.Rocky.

Kathryn - keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


Well after mass was over I mentioned to the priest about the lady I though was suppose to arrange for me to get the sacrament anointing of the sick

I did it by mentioning the lady and to him all he did was ask me how she was doing

that made me break down big time I could not believe he forgot I mean I go into talk about getting major surgery tomorrow and this is the only church service i can go to cause of my cussing disorder

well I called the lady that was suppose to help me back,She suggested that I call the parish office tomorrow,My appoint me is 9 something am tomorrow it will be too late then

so I called the parish secretary to get some help,well she stayed on the phone with me until I finally got the priest to understand what the lady was trying to get him to do for me

even tho I am not catholic I did find it to be a rather calming and nice experience.when I am upset the activity in my brain acts up which can cause my cussing disorder to get worse or even send me into a Seizure.thankfully the seizure part didn’t happen I wish the cussing didn’t but oh well.

This all kinda makes me want to get the priest a Thank you card

I’m so glad it finally did work out in the end. I can just imagine how frustrating it must have felt when he didn’t remember… good thing the lady at the parish office could help you get back to the priest.:slight_smile:

He’d probably appreciate a thank you card…:slight_smile:


kathrynsue, I’m glad you received some consolation from the priest. Non-Catholics can receive a blessing from a priest, and support in various ways, but Baptism is the “entry” sacrament and non-Catholics cannot receive sacraments, such as Reconciliation (confession) or the Anointing of the Sick. Perhaps you can make an appointment to talk to the priest, or the RCIA leader, about learning more about the Catholic faith, to help you consider whether you’d like to join the Church.
In the meantime, keep praying, keep participating in the liturgy of the Mass, and keep asking for support and prayers from others.

I am not allowed to join churches

I did get anointed with the oil

You can possibly, as a non-Catholic, get a blessing with blessed oil, but that’s a different thing from the sacrament of Anointing of the Sick, which as has been pointed out is not available to non-Catholics apart from very exceptional circumstances.

I’m presuming you told everyone concerned that you were not Catholic. You are able to join the Catholic Church if you sincerely wish to do so - in view of your illness maybe they’d consider speeding up the process for you, if you wanted to join.

If you can’t attend your normal church, surely your pastor there should be willing and able to come and visit with you wherever you are - have you asked your pastor to do so?

You are welcome to become Catholic. You must first prepare, by gaining knowledge of the Church’s beliefs and practices, by living the lifestyle, by converting in Christ, and by assenting to the Church’s teachings. There’s no such thing as “not being allowed” to join – though your “yes” would need to mean "yes."
What makes you think you’re not “allowed to join”?

I can only go to a catholic church cause my usual churches refused to accept my cussing disorder

I cant join it with my illness my family has more say so in the matter then I do

cant join it with my illness my family has more say so in the matter then I do

I know Catholics with tourttets, when you are feeling up to it contact the Priest again for an appointment to speak with him.

Happy you were about to get everything else settled and I will keep you in my prayers.

they doctor says I dont got tourttets

just too much activity in the cernter of my brain

Sad that anyone would be unwilling to assist any ill person, or be so ignorant as not to accept that such an illness as yours can produce behaviours of the type you suffer from.

I cant join it with my illness my family has more say so in the matter then I do

You can join unless your illness actually impairs your judgement - your ability to make rational decisions.

Are you competent to make your own will, for example? If so then you certainly are competent to decide to join the Church if you so wish. It can even possibly be arranged to be done without your family’s knowledge if need be.

both my grand parents are not for it and thats who i live with
my grand ma even told me this morning while dropping me off a the church how she is not for it and would even prefer that I wouldnt even go to a catholic church

How old are you, if you don’t mind me asking?


not a normal 22 tho

please dont be like the chat room I was in last night for 1 hour

trying to explain to some catholice why I cant join any church even tho I am 22 I dont have normal ablitys

They even suggested I leave my grand parents and go live in a group home

my grand pa is court orderd to take care of my money

I dont drive

I cant join any church there rules

I wish the bishop would give me permission to take the Eurchrist cause I cant join the church I cant go to other types of church services cause of my cussing disorder even with a doctors note it didnt work at the other churches

I think I got what you catholics get this morning for my lack of ablity to be able to get a non catholic minister to do it

Well in any case, God bless you and I will be praying for you. I am sure that the Priest will be also and all the people who read this and those others that you spoke with in the other room you went to.

Perhaps sometime in the future when you are feeling up to it you may be able to discuss this with your Grandparents and the Priest at a future date, I will pray for your surgeon also and all who take care of you so that the Lord will hold you and bless you during your operation.

If it be His permitting will, you will be healed, God knows what He is about always.

after that chat room i called the bishops office and left a message on his inbox on his phone nearly crying my only worry about that is he will call me back while I am at the doctors tomorrow

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