This is no Drill

This is no drill.

This post is not so much about the movie, as it is the historic and political similarities of America in 2012, & Mexico in 1926, which is why I posted it here.

With a superb cast and acting, “For Greater Glory” is an exceptional piece of film-making, which brings to light the Mexican Civil War of 1926 – 1929. I saw this movie on its opening night, and highly recommend it to all. Every Catholic, young and old, should see it; every American should see it. The real life figure of José Sánchez del Río, a young boy portrayed in the film, is a great role model and inspiration for today’s young people.

History has shown that the first step of an oppressive government is to shut down the Catholic Church, and then will follow an attack on the civil liberties of all citizens. This fact was well known to General Enrique Gorostieta, a brilliant military strategist who led the Cristero Army, in its fight against the attempts of President Plutarco Calles, an ardent anti-Catholic, to suppress the Catholic Church in Mexico in the mid 1920’s.

Just as it was in Mexico in 1926, today, the Catholic Church in America is under attack by our secular government. Obama wants to turn America into a socialist state, but He knows, just as President Calles knew, that the greatest obstacle to his plans is the Catholic Church. For Obama to succeed, he must first destroy the Church’s opposition. For a more detailed explanation of this please see “Obama’s Catholic Plan” at:

When a new warship enters service, the crew trains very hard in order to be ready for battle in as short a time as possible when the alarm sounds. The term – “General Quarters, all hands man your battle stations” – becomes very familiar to them. But if the ship comes under a real attack, the crew would hear one additional phrase – “This is no drill” – so they would know the attack is real, as opposed to another drill.

With his HHS Mandate, Obama has fired the first shot at our Church, but it seems that many Catholics, laymen and even priests, are still below decks, asleep in their bunks. “For Greater Glory” is our call to General Quarters – AND THIS IS NO DRILL.

Viva Cristo Rey!

i was so disappointed because i finally had extra money this weekend and wanted to go see this movie. however, when i checked the listings at the local movie theatre, i saw it isn’t showing up here yet. i don’t know if it will be shown here or not. we living in a small mountain community with only one movie theatre. i have heard more about this movie on CAF than anywhere else and have only seen a couple of trailers on tv. i am glad to hear that you liked it. hopefully, i will get to see it soon. i think you make a good point about how the government of mexico felt they needed to put the Catholic church out of business in order to get the control they wanted. didn’t they do the same thing in the u.s.s.r. and romania or hungary at one time?

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