This is not normal - A guide to what the next president will have to unwind

Experts in authoritarianism advise keeping a list of things changing, subtly, around you, so you’ll remember. Days after the 2016 presidential election, I started a list. Each week, I chronicle the ways Donald Trump has changed our country. This selection, adapted from more than 34,000 entries — or about 1 percent of the total — focuses on the norms he and his administration have broken. The List offers us a road map back to normalcy and democracy.


Why unwind all the good he did?


The country hasn’t been “abnormal” since he took office, except in the abnormal level of outrage and paranoia against the President. Which started the day after the election, before he was even sworn in or had done anything.
My areas of the country have changed very little, except for the changes brought by the pandemic, which I’m pretty sure would have happened similarly regardless of who was in office.
I doubt the next President will have to do much of anything except continue to fulfill normal Presidential duties.


Washington Post - how unsurprising!


If you’re referring to the governors realize that Americans freely travel from state to state spreading the virus whether they realize it or not. They probably don’t since the virus can only be seen by an electron microscope. An effective leader at the top would at least inform the whole population of this.

Exactly! It’s worth getting into the conversation when you see the source.

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That was a draft I didn’t intend to post yet.

Can the “next” president unwind the non-stop liberal temper tantrum we’ve all been treated to these last four years?

I’m afraid some people are going to “stick” that way.


Depending on which reactions you have in mind, I expect for motivation for some of the reactions to dissipate if there is a left leaning president.

I think this shows a fundamental misunderstanding of why there was criticism and backlash against President Trump.

It wasn’t just liberals who were complaining. It was Republicans and former Republicans as well. Jeb Bush or John Kasich would not have been subjected to a " non-stop liberal temper tantrum ". This was solely directed at Trump and his actions.

I’m not going to rehash all the reasons. We all know them. It’s almost over, hopefully, and it will be left to history to judge.


We’re assuming there will even be a next president.

That’s because John Kasich and Jeb Bush are pals with the liberals and don’t actually want to roll back liberal policies. They want to be a faux opposition to use their offices as ways to benefit themselves, not actually do the things they campaign on.


Why wouldn’t there be? Are you predicting the rise of Caudillo Trump before the 2024 elections?

Meteor could wipe us out, a global warming prediction might finally come true and cause massive changes in the world both physically and politically, coronavirus could mutate and cause a zombie apocalypse.

There’s no guarantee what exists today will exist tomorrow.

But mostly I’m hoping trump refuses to leave office, either in a few weeks or in 4 years. I think that would lead to some interesting times.


Discussions on the future are hypothetical by default. But qualifying this in every statement about the future and maintaining use of the subjunctive mood can be unnecessarily laborious.

But mostly I’m hoping trump refuses to leave office, either in a few weeks or in 4 years. I think that would lead to some interesting times.

And with even more luck perhaps he will grant himself jus primae noctis.

He’s more likely to just have a harem in the west wing.


Boy, this thread took a turn I didn’t see coming.


Isn’t that like blackmail?

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I am hoping for this chaos as well. It makes for interesting reading.

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