This is scary

I was raised Roman Catholic and have always been proud of my faith so needless to say, what I have posted below is very disturbing to me. A Protestant friend of mine who is critical of our Church sent this to me. She claims that the mass is a form of witchcraft. Can anyone here make sense of this? I am in total shock.


The altar in every Catholic church is prominently positioned at the front of the church

The “Mysteries of the Mass” are celebrated on and around the altar. In witchcraft, also, the altar is similarly used for three purposes:
To practice certain metaphysical rites, such as the casting of certain spells or to honor occult deities.
To hold the tools of magic.
To perform human sacrifice.
The Roman Catholic altar also holds their tools of their magic, and they daily perform human sacrifice.

Marquis states,
“In other words, every day Christ is being The Roman Catholic altar also holds their tools of their magic, and they daily perform human sacrifice. Remember, we are looking at this subject through the eyes of a former high-level witch who is now a born-again Christian. This daily human sacrifice is performed according to the false belief in “transubstantiation”, the belief that the priest magically transforms the wafer into Jesus’ body and the wine into His blood. Marquis states, “In other words, every day Christ is being reincarnated and then sacrificed… they perform daily their human sacrifice in which Christ is …sacrificed for their sins.” It is shocking to realize that the Roman Catholics are daily performing human sacrifice in a manner similar to that of witches throughout the centuries.reincarnated and then sacrificed… they perform daily their human sacrifice in which Christ is… sacrificed for their sins.”
It is shocking to realize that the Roman Catholics are daily performing human sacrifice in a manner similar to that of witches throughout the centuries.

The Catholic Golden Goblet, or Chalice
"It is this cup that the wine poured into it becomes the… literal blood of Christ.

When a witch does a human sacrifice, after the victim’s throat is sliced open, the spilled blood will be collected in a chalice, just as the Catholics do, except the witch’s chalice holds the real thing."
In Satan’s eyes, the Catholics are performing the same rite as the witches.

“Candles were introduced to the Catholic mass about 320 A.D.”

There is no Scriptural reasons for them, unless… you are a practicing witch. B

“Using these colored candles and the right spells, a witch can cause anything to happen… our Catholic friends are not only using these occult tools, they also pay for them when they go to various statues and light… candles.”

“Incense is a constant tool that is used by priests”

They will take a philter (incense burner), walk around the altar, and then wave it out toward the crowd with an invocation… Not only do witches use incense, but they will consecrate their altar and their fellow witches in the exact way the Catholics do…

Bells are also utilized by both Roman Catholics and witches

The bells are actually baptized, and in both witchcraft and Catholicism, altar boys attend the priest in sounding the bells.

Witches were praying to images or statues for many centuries before Catholics began the practice.

“Until recently, most of the rites of witchcraft were said in Latin…”

Why is it, when the witches stopped using Latin as much as they did, about twenty years ago, that the Catholic mass was stopped being told in Latin?

Today, it is spoken mostly in American English, the same way in which a witch’s mass is held.

"…when the Pope, Cardinals, or priests want to give a huge blessing, they will take out a golden scepter, or wand, dip it in holy water, and then wave it on the people… "

Wands are nothing new in the occult.

When a witch wants to direct his power he can do it by means of wands. He can also control the demonic forces at his disposal by using a wand to consecrate a circle with a pentacle inside.

Holy water is also used by a witch to purify himself and his instruments, and the water is made holy in both witchcraft and Catholicism by mixing water with salt.

The teaching of Purgatory is not found in the Bible

According to Catholic catechism, Purgatory is described as,
“a logically deduced place. Since a Catholic could not go straight to heaven if he had sinned, and since he could not go to hell if he had not died in mortal sin, there had to be a place in between where he could be purified” - Purgatory.
However, the belief in Purgatory is “totally occultic in origin”.

Witchcraft teaches that after a person goes through Purgatory, he is reincarnated and is more powerful in his next life than he was before. After several reincarnations, he will become purified enough to live with the gods and goddesses, precisely the same end as the Catholics teach.

Both Catholics and Witches teach that the host becomes the actual body of their respective gods

To the Roman Catholic, the host becomes the actual body of Jesus Christ; the witch believes the host actually becomes the body of their pagan deity, “I.H.S. - or Iris, Horus, and Semiramis”.

This concept is known in both circles as trans-substantiation.

Both witchcraft and Roman Catholicism teach that the universe is comprised of five elements:
These occultic five elements are also found in the Catholic mass.

Doc Marquis’s conclusion is inescapable and damning:
The practice of occultism has come full circle from ancient Babylon to the Roman Catholic Institution today.

Nonsense (really)…

There is much on the Main Catholic Answers site that can help - though with the change over to the new site format -not sure how exactly to search.

Give a call to the Catholic Answers apologist line -they can set you up with the needed materials.

Ah the old IHS myth again, straight out of numerous anti-Catholic sources. Even taken at it’s most basic that canard makes no sense. Firstly the three deities it involves are from two separate cultures, secondly many of these claims seem to be rehashed from Hislops, ‘The Two Babylons’, a book which has long been proven false in many respects.

As to the mass been said mostly in American English, in America perhaps. However America is only one place in the world and not the whole of it and nor has the mass ever ceased to be said in Latin. It is simply used much less than it was. If people are going to critique a faith it might be better if they used accurate facts.

Much of this scurrilous nonsense has a false premise; that Catholicism and witchcraft “share” certain features.

The reality is that much of modern witchcraft has superficially adopted certain Catholic practices in order to mock and parody them, rather like tearing pages out of the bible to use as toilet paper because one wants to show one’s hatred of the bible. Some fundamentalist Christian sects (though certainly not all) show their hatred for Catholicism by writing bogus tracts on how Catholicism is witchcraft. They should, instead, ask themselves why they hate fellow Christians.

Ancient witchcraft was as varied as there were people to invent it from time to time and place to place. Modern witchcraft is just as diverse.

No, it’s not scary at all. Those are just empty distortions aimed at vulnerable people. If you hang around CAF long enough you will see that most of us are not sitting ducks and those who may be lacking if they are truly searching get excellent answers which help them to grow in the faith.

Matthew 10:16
I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.

Whatever your intentions may be for posting the above, I think you owe it to yourself to investigate and research the claims before allowing them to go as far as to scare you. People say a lot of things.

The candle bit is false. Lighting candles goes back to the OT. That’s pretty ancient and it is not back to 320 ad.

“You shall make a lamp stand of pure beaten gold, its shaft and branches, with its cups and knobs and petals springing directly from it. Six branches are to extend from the sides of the lamp stand, three branches on one side, and three on the other……You shall then make seven lamps for it and so set up the lamps that they shed their light on the space in front of the lamp stand. These, as well as the trimming shears and trays, must be of pure gold.” (Exodus 25:31-38) Plus, Exodus 30:7-8, Exodus 40:24-25, 2 Chronicles 13:11, 1 Maccabees 4:49-50, 2 Maccabees 10:3, etc.

The fact that these ridiculous distortions have affected you seem to be that it would do you well to prepare well for a good confession and receive the sacrament of reconciliation. Then, try attending Mass every Sunday. Pray the Creed and the Our Father every day and try to find the answers to the questions you may have about the faith. it’s good to be actively trying to find the answers and to learn. You certainly do not want to leave the Church Our Lord Jesus established out of some misunderstanding; so you owe it to yourself to learn and dedicate yourself to do so.


You can point your friend right back to Scripture itself. God commanded the Israelites to make altars to be used for sacrifice. Revelation 5:8 says that the elders in heaven hold bowls of incense which are the prayers of the saints. As far as “candles” - what about the lamp that God REQUIRED the Israelites to have constantly lit in the temple?

while it is commendable to try and help the ignorant, i believe the protestant woman mentioned in the OP has no interest in learning the truth regarding the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

i recommend the OP not participate in discussing the Mass with this woman ever again. the OP should simply say that neither of us are prepared to discuss the matter rationally or knowledgeably and leave it at that.

if this ends their friendship, it was a very shallow friendship to begin with and should provide the OP additional time to develop fruitful friendships.

Jesus instructed us to not throw our pearls before swine. at least one understanding of this is the idea that we should not engage in futile conversations with people whose minds are made up and have already decided that what we believe and know is wrong and false.

we will encounter many people in our lives who are truly searching for the truth and who will engage us without preconceived conclusions. we should save our time and energy for these encounters. at some point, we should put the souls of the hardhearted or confused in the hands of our infinitely merciful and just Creator. even Jesus did not butt His head against a wall composed of the minds and hearts of the confused and hardhearted.

Dude, this lady has been completely deceived with anti-Catholic fantasy propaganda. Surely some of this you can easily refute yourself just from common sense and knowledge of church teaching and the liturgy. (Frankly, I might even consider telling her that if she insists on drinking that kind of Koolade then please do not attempt to ever share it with you again because you don’t have time for long baseless anti-Catholic debunking.) There used to be a great document on CA main page on Jack T. Chick’s propaganda but I can’t find it now with the change there. I do have several hard copies and if you PM me an address I’ll put one in the mail to you right away.

I do have a good article on my blog that covers some of this. The “Boettner List”: Fact or Fiction?

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It sounds like she has read Hislop’s stuff, the whole first post is basically a rewording of many of his basic ideas in his books and literature, which inspired Chick and later generations. The problem is both Protestant and Catholic scholars amongst others have found quite a few parts of his work to be true and more than a bit of it to be not verified by source texts or archaeological records.

Not quite.

There is no human sacrifice going on at our altar.

We participate in the One Sacrifice, done once for all (Hebrews 10:10) made present at each and every Mass.

We Catholics fulfill the prophecy in Malachi 1:11.

Ask your friend how her church lives out Malachi 1:11.

Ah, The Two Babylons. This was still being pushed by an English preacher from the Protestant Alliance twenty years ago.
Amazes me how a book written by a guy in 19th century, long proven to be fiction, still shows up in the 21st century.

Yeah, and on that note you may want to check out.
Pagan Influence Fallacy

There’s also no Scriptural reason for Protestant churches to have steeples–one has to wonder if your friend objects to this too?

And there’s also no Scriptural reason for folding one’s hands in prayer. Witches do this too, I’m told. :slight_smile: Does your friend’s church object to folding one’s hands in prayer?

BTW: the fingers are pointed downwards (towards you-know-where) when her hands are folded in prayer. #scary :wink:

I have to add to PR Merger’s points, unfortunately there is no Advanced Dungeon and Dragons style magic casting going on at the Mass. No magic missiles, no sacrifices, no fireballs, no avatars of Gods walking around the Church, no orgies. In fact those who have not been and are told these horror stories about what dreadful things go on often find the experience prosaic. Or when I did get one fundamentalist Protestant to go was met with, ‘That is not the real Mass, you are not high enough on the scale of ;iniation’ to go to one and most of you Catholics never do. The real Mass involves the Pope drinking blood from dead children after stabbing them.’ It is pretty hard to argue with that kind of nonsense so I stopped trying as by that point I regretted doing as it was becoming apparent the individual concerned was having mental health issues as he kept routinely and increasingly starting arguments with people publically about their religion and talking of lizard people.

I agree with the others that this is a lot of nonsense. That certain types of modern practices of witchcraft ape the liturgy of the Catholic Church does not mean that the two are in any way equivalent or that the Church is engaged in magic. That’s like saying that, because I doodle a stick figure copy of the Mona Lisa, therefore Leonardo Da Vinci is just a hack artist who draws stick figures. I can mimic the real deal all I want, but that doesn’t change the reality of what the authentic item is.

I’ll also point out that this friend of yours is literally copying and pasting all that from the internet. Just pick a phrase and google it. It has been posted tens of thousands of times verbatim. It’s a common ploy to try to overwhelm people with information in order to “prove” their point.

Frankly, I think such practices are disingenuous and intellectually lazy and I have little patience for them (even though I’m generally a patient person). If someone doesn’t even have the courtesy to address me in their own words but rather wants to inundate me with a copy-and-paste drive by, it leaves me with the impression that they are not interested in actually having a conversation but only in bullying me into accepting their point of view. Until they are willing to prove that they are interested in a dialogue that goes in both directions, I wouldn’t waste my time.

I would encourage you to read up on what the Catholic Church teaches about the liturgy. It is really quite beautiful. It’s laid out in the second section of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. You might start with the YOUCAT, which is a more readable version of the Catechism in question and answer format. The best way to inoculate yourself from being shaken by these types of baseless accusations and insinuations is to familiarize yourself with genuine Catholic teaching and the reasons behind it.

God bless!


It IS really scary is that people actually believe this nonsense.
Pray for her.

Jack T. Chick…strikes again :smiley:

Scary? Stupid is closer to the mark!

yes, and hindus, Buddhists and muslims all fold their hands in prayer as well.

therefore, Christianity must be pagan

seriously, this kind of logic just doesn’t hold water

Maybe you should point out that she seems to claim suspiciously specific knowledge concerning witchcraft - and witchcraft with human sacrifice, nothing less… :smiley:

Seriously, how would one learn about human sacrifice? Just imagine her witnessing one - would she tell you or the police about that? For that matter, how would one witness a human sacrifice without being an accomplice?

Or how does she know what witches did “for many centuries before Catholics began the practice”? Is she going to claim to be so old…? :slight_smile:

So, the descriptions have been made up (by her or someone else).

Also, the reasoning makes no sense. She claims that witches do something with crimes like murder and Catholics do something similar without those crimes. And yet, those things are somehow supposed to be morally equivalent!?

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